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Oh man bye bye orange serve for cbs for two as an armored to get on with my carver high in the five on how tonight powell lag going on the rockets acquire grizz bob drug levers for patrick beverley lou williams sam dagger i round her the price for the clippers extravagant point guard the will be hooking up with james harden la martin son we'll see beat three and hard and be a good match and hughes dan they gave up by there i mean they're dap right they gave up everything to get this guy beverly is the toughest guy and attain right lou williams can play an scar sam dekker's not bad he's bag ride dragged the guys down a pretty good job right since he was hands on he's been good there right they like them and a number one a first round back that's a lie that gave up a lot to get him since he the god traded the stories have been rampant that he was miserable there is that true garber i yeah you're start to see all these stories now how he hated plane for dark now he didn't like you're austin rivers and he was upset about some trade they could have made last year for melo that they didn't do so all these stories come out after the fact i guess you on your that before though jiang that day again mafia play while together harden and chris par you're absolutely i mean harden was guy who's kind of changes game over last year to fit the antistar kind of be scorn point guard but i think you take the pressure off maverick controlled the ball you gotta a galaxy three you can create forum are they could just be more dynamic the question is our who else they add because like you said the.

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