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I think baker has fallen by the wayside. Just a little bit in practice. Just because i think the team is wanted to and they have given him a few off days. I think just you broke your leg last year. I mean you probably still need to kind of have some load management a little bit as you're getting back there so i think that's the main reason why he uses like cement has taken over right now as cornerback. Three but it is far from over my opinion. I think this battle might go into the regular season and who knows i think could go game by game whether which one of these guys is is really that guy outside and the nickel formation. That's what i was just thinking. Is this even a competition or is this just a case of the to have a bunch of guys. Now that they can rotate in a matchups. Maybe there is no competition per se between houston baker. Maybe both of them are set up to have good seasons and we already know the jury needs to really be the future corner and chavez ward is chavez word is going to be there is a stable reliable guy on the outside and everybody else they can plug and play given the scenario given the matchup given the defense they wanna play the game plan and the health of everybody else. It's good to have not just a baker hughes who again both were very good on saturday night but also rashaad Who played pretty well and also it's coming off of a strong your last year. Yeah i kind of said it this entire camp. But i've always i've been just kind of not shocked. I would say but just fen played really well outside cornerback last year when he when he had to he didn't have to play it all the time. But i i've mentioned on the pockets of forest specifically that week four game against the patriots. Man he had like four pass break up and interception and he looked really good outside he was only plan outside that game so i think he maybe they already know what they have in fenton at outside and they're just really wanted him to focus on slot just in case something does happen and they need. Because that's he's been doing all is just backing up need in the side. He's been running with the second team as a slot defender not really getting a lot of run outside cornerback. Although he did on saturday in a preseason game so i think fenton just might be that guy that he might be just as much in the competition. Just not getting as many reps right now because they wanna see it from baker hughes and maybe stanton they are to kind know what they have so. Hey let's just have you worked on slot where we were. You know we know probably might be more vital than if you're on the outside do a this is a good spotless..

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