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Trina health launched its first clinics run twenty eleven and from the beginning it was promising big things the company said it's treatments could reverse serious diabetes complications lost sight heart disease liver failure within a few years trina was a fullblown franchise with more than a dozen clinics across the country offering their treatment patients on social media and online forums held it as a miracle and then came this news serious federal indictments are down for longtime state representative jack williams lobbyists marty connors and healthcare ceo ford gilbert ford gilbert is the founder of trina health he was recently arrested for bribing legislators in alabama to push a bill through the legislature that would require alabama insurance giant blue cross blue shield to cover treatments at his three album clinics hemmitt reports flooded the media calling trina scam an example of the worst abuses in our healthcare system despite that at least some of the clinic have state open for business including a new one in new york city called the diabetes relief center so a few days after news afford gilbert the trina ceo's arrest i jumped on a greyhound to check it out so i'm standing at grand concourse and east one hundred forty ninth street the diabetes relief centers in the south bronx in area experts have called the epicenter of the diabetes of a democ standing at the corner it's obvious home important neighborhood is when it comes to diabetes down the street dunkin donuts there's a popeye's burger king passed that mcdonald's it's a busy area.

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