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Fruit. He's definitely the best thing. Only those people who enjoy in the pins them enjoy part of them being dead. Don't think it's a joke. A lot of people do a lot of people. Enjoy lethargy nausea. Unfortunately that means some graham life is not touched up so sleeping intoxication overeating. And just lying down. There had feels better than being alive and active and dynamic in once lie so only for such a person fruit. Maybe a problem because it'll keep you alert and awake. He doesn't keep you intoxicated. Unless it of course so he has that quality also. You just have to wait. One can no on extreme sense of joy and intoxication. Deep pleasure out of heightened levels of awareness also but now the question is can i be normal and eat fruit or can i eat fruit and still be normal. You know even adams started with a route so when we food who must understand. Fruit is one aspect which native self intense to food in the sentence most food. But you'll find. Let's say a mango an apple. Being of may i refuse to talk about apple. I'll talk over. Mango seed is the important part of the mango. The flesh. he's only android so new. So that animals and birds go for this and carry the seeds somewhere far away. And i think for this question simple answer in your general practice of life itself. Suppose you are ill in a hospital. Let's say you're in a hospital bed. Nobody brings you baloney. Isn't they'll bring fruits because even your friends and relatives understand that. Okay eating all that you got sick at least now you eat sensibly. That's a message. So fruit can do backless. Things to the body. Sufficient consumption of fruit can do great things to the system. One can become very very alive and active no matter what is your last time but if you're doing very menial kind of job let's say you're digging every day physically not by with the my scene but you physically digging and doing very hard work. Then you'll find every two hours you get hungry because of the flute because there is only that much volume you can eat but it gets digested so rapidly that huma feel empty stomach till you come to a certain level of atmos where you're able to be and still be energetic because hunger is about running out of energy it's like you're running out of battery. That's why you need to eat. But today a lot of people are most people say they feel a little empty stomach. Feel like eating to get out of this. You need a little bit of a mess that you're empty stomach still. You're okay because your energetic energy starts dipping you eat so if you go on a total food died you may have to expend little more time on the lunchtime need. Need slowly so that you can just in a fruit because with little you'll feel full because it's generally sweet so one has to wait and slowly eat. There is also by o clock within us that let us say your normal meat cooked meal. You re taking ten twelve minutes to eat even if you eat fruit by the time you reach ten twelve minutes your body. Ceo eaten enough. So you have to consciously more because it is timing you. It is not looking at the phil. It's just timing you when the ten minutes are gone you your full so one has to go beyond that and consume enough but if you are only influ died and physically very active it is important that may be you bring three meals and your day and most of you may already be doing it so the dams day sleeping six hours or eight hours or whatever for the remaining sixteen to eighteen hours. three times. Eating is more than enough treating route but stomach will feel empty within two hours time so you must get used to hanging on with high energy but empty stomach. This is the time your brain works best. This is the time as a human being. You function best. It'll be good for you so you wanted to use your brain power and also physical activity. It'll work perfectly well but the fruit that you get in the market today. We don't know what it is. That is a little bit of a problem. Because i clearly notice this. The kind of country roots that we used to eat when we were young and today the farm grown fruits that are coming to us even in india. I'm in here turned the matter altogether. even india. they are not the same. They're much bigger rounder. Better looking but this botox. this doesn't work. i can feel. It's not the same level of saying in it simply because this is made for the market not for the men. These foods are essentially made for the market. This doesn't mean that they're totally a waste but they don't have the same.

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