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I think Kenner might have been slightly over reaching there, but you know, he's entitled a little well. It helped get to Leary. In that context just that might that might have been his? His endgame. I, I hope that's what he was intended or maybe he was not himself or one way one reason or another and thought, legitimately that there is. I mean, someone had to take the case. Yeah, says someone must've believe there is the, you know, the opportunity for the producers of DR to either read his script or seen the film or what. I don't know what the catalyst was to believe that beyond the setting and the basic premise that one was a riff on the other is it's a bit far-fetched. There's no, I guess, I guess in this industry, there's there's no such thing as as possible. I guess there. I'm sorry, I stop myself before intern turns events. However, I wouldn't mind Alan Rickman being in kings and desperate men and Kamya. That would be fun. I have comrades in around the world languishing in prison. American State Department enjoys rattling to say before it's loons and now I can read it for me. The following people out to be released from their catheters in Northern Ireland, seven members of the new ProVia front in Canada, the five imprisoned leaders of data back shoe, not the nine members of Asian dawn. Heard about them in time magazine. I'm not aware that Patrick was ever really asked much about this particular phone, although I think it's a, it's a great performance. Yeah, I think it's, I think it's it's got see as hell this to know. No. I mean, it takes a lot to put yourself out there like that takes a lot of trust in your director as well. You know, knowing that you know, you can. You can go all the way and you know what will get you. And that's, that's that to me is is the best that you can do as director is assured your performance of that, you know, go all the way and if it doesn't work, we'll do it on the take, can't you? And I think that was offered to her unit, no matter how much Bouza had. I think I think that was their Mugune was a replacement for another actor originally, which is article mentions here, I guess. And then the the guy who was supposed to play Miller. That he had difficulties of a legal nature. The first shot needed him for was in Canada, and no one is allowed across the border. There's a legal question unresolved, so Kantar wound up at the last minute filling his shoes at three thirty in the morning, he says, and it was it was actually a, it was a bang on his door that time in the morning and it was. It was McGrew insane. You'll do it last minute limb. Impetus trivia, I guess. But I think there are people these days outside of the connection to Margaret Trudeau. He will come to who have enjoyed the prisoner, love the interplay between Mogollon and Kanner and living in harmony who as an all oligarchy, discover the film in that context. And I really if they do that, they're pleasantly surprised that this is it. It shares some narrative similarities to the subtext of the prisoner while taking it in a very different direction, direct. Conviction in the way we were talking about earlier, does help to have some sense of Canadian history to to set the stage for for what happens in the film. You know, even though by the time it was released, a lot of that was mood while guys. I wanna. Thank this week's co host annual, Jonathan, Danny, what's been keeping you busy lately? I'm editing my epic. I guess you might say, which is to after three hour movie, it's gonna turn out to be probably do a shorter festival cud, my preferred version of pretty long at long last movie at Titian of early American novel, which I think the last time I was on your show, I was.

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