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Rebecca's private Idaho is about and so. Was I got involved as an athlete because my job. Required it by, it really did spawn this whole. New facet of my riding in my career? That opened a lot of doors for me. There's places in my hometown. I've never ridden so I started exploring for a course for private Idaho I was just like. Wow I've never been here I've never been here in Idaho has a lot of dirt road, so it's It's been a really fun. Multi experience for me and I never could have imagined that. That I launched was a really big event. We're going into year eight now. and I did not expect even anyone would come or that. You Know I. was on the Front of this sort of gravel. Explosion I have no idea I was just presenting. What seemed cool to me in a style of writing? That seemed fun for me and little did I know what's going to eight years later be? Really, kind of blowing up in the cycling world, yeah, one of the things in one of the reasons I was excited to talk to you today as I share a mountain bike, passion and a mountain bike, background and I think. Short of anecdotally it seems like a lot of people get drawn into gravel from the road side of the market, not necessarily the mountain bike mountain bikers. We've all ridden those sections and experience those high fives like why would ever want to go on the road? Right would ever want to ride gravel like mountain. biking is so fun, but as you noted there's there's something different about the gravel bike, and it's not take anything away from our shared continued love of the mountain bike, but the idea that you can explore a little bit further than your normal mountain bike loop, and you can forgive yourself the notion. Notion like Oh, I might just ride on a road for a little while to get somewhere. I definitely found myself getting out the Marin county map, trail map and sort of just tracing out places..

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