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To be diverted from mccarron international airport winds gusted between forty and forty five miles per hour with gusts up to sixty eight reported at the airport president trump supreme court nominee will be joined by vice president mike pence for a meeting this morning with the senate republican leader a day after president trump announced court judge brad kavanagh of washington dc is his choice for the us supreme court vacancy there is no one in america more kuala fai judge cavanaugh joins the vice president for meetings with senate leaders fiftythreeyearold conservative says he will adhere to the constitution a judge must be independent and must interpret the law not make the law senate majority leader mitch mcconnell caused judge cavanaugh a superb choice but for months senator bernie sanders lead a rally in opposition versus jackie quinn washington tens meetings away president trump as he leaves on a week long trip to europe starting with a nato summit in brussels he spent days arguing some members are freeloading off the us by not spending enough on defense calling it unacceptable it worries experts like american universities james gold geyer who says almost all of official washington is supportive of nato it's president trump who isn't at any criticism of the alliance will be magnified days later when the president meets with vladimir putin whom gold guy or says has spent years trying to undermine nato and western bonds so anything he can get from trump where trump just says the normal things he says is a win for putin saga megani at the white house on wall.

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