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Anton was at a house party with his friends when he walked into a room to find a group of teenagers. Wrestling one of the teens was wrestling with a girl on the ground at one point her dress flipped up and her underwear was visible. According to Tony in this moment, the sight of her white plump, thighs, blond hair and translucent skin caused him to experience what he terms erotic crystallization inertia or ECI Tony claims that ECI is the point at which sexual archetype or fetishes fixed. The instant ones erotic. Instincts. Are I peaked lives perpetually in once memory as vivid and stimulating as the moment. It first occurred. However, E C, I is not a recognized psychological phenomenon rather a term concocted by Levy to explain that. He would go on to be romantically involved with many women who shared a similar appearance, blonde hair and pale skin. This is an example of how Levin has attempted to retroactively construct a tidy narrative of his own life from an early age people develop the cognitive skills needed to create a coherent life story for themselves. According to a two thousand eleven study by Elaine Reese, these include causal, coherence, the ability to describe how one event led to another and the Matic coherence, the ability to identify overarching values and motifs that recur throughout the story. The truth is many of the significant moments in our lives are often random as such. They may not always. Make for a good story. Anton, however, seems very adamant that the story of his life be an intriguing one as we delve further will see even more extreme instances of this in nineteen Forty-six likely inspired by the stories told to him by his grandmother Labib dropped out of his junior year of high school and joined the CLYDE Beatty circus his first job there was playing Hammond. Organ accompaniment for circa sacks Livy said, quote, I got to rub elbows with human oddities freaks dancers showgirls who wanted to be stars. It was a chance to meet people who were really marginal. And quote, this was low base first exposure to social outcasts, and he found that he felt at home among them during this period le'veon's musical talents led him to being recruited by traveling evangelists to play gospel tunes during their services. This inadvertently led him to having a critical insight into the nature of religion Levin said quote. On Saturday night. I would see men lusting after half naked girls. Dancing at the carnival and on Sunday morning when I was playing the organ for ten show evangelists at the other end of the carnival lot. I would see these same men sitting in the pews with their wives and children asking God. Forgive them in purge them of their carnal, desires and next Saturday night. They be back at the carnival or some other place of indulgence, and quote Levay concluded that the Christian church thrived on hypocrisy, and that man's carnal nature would always win out. This idea would later become one of the founding principles of the church of Satan at age seventeen Levin began asking friends to call him, Anton instead of his childhood nickname of Tony by this point. Anton was not only playing music at the circus. He was taming eight Nubian lions and four Bengal Tigers alone in the big cage. He developed a close relationship with and an affection for these big cats which would last well. Well into adulthood during this time Lavelle so joined the carnival and amusement park, circuit working. Some of the biggest traveling shows on the Pacific coast playing Colli ABI Woerlitz or band, Oregon or Hammond along every midway Levin found that he felt at home among the loners drifters and marginal types who were attracted to the cynical carnival atmosphere. According to say, it was here that he learned how much people will pay to be fooled. How desperately they want to escape their own dull lives one can't help. But think that this revelation may have planted the seed for what would eventually become the church of Satan will Willoughby's image at this point had become that of a stereotypical Carney flashy sports coats, hand painted ties and a pencil thin mustache. He was getting an education. He could never get from a college a confidence man's education in hustling and exploiting man's carnal nature. When the carnival closed for the season in the winter of nineteen forty eight..

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