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Coverage of the news that impacts our world there's no question the situation is bad keep it tuned to the bay area's news station KCBS what is the future for businesses to a world of hurt and it's going to last a fairly long time we are your most reliable source of information keep up the social distancing it's hard but it's working one of that Necurs we want to save lives are your new station all news one of six nine and seven forty KCBS KCBS news time nine forty two as the lockdown continues more people are putting off important dental procedures says KCBS is Keith Menconi reports a bay area lawmaker feels that's could cause some big problems after more than a month of putting them on hold governor Newsom announced this past week that he's going to allow medical providers to resume at some non emergency procedures noticeably absent from the list though the procedures that take place inside a dentist's office we faced sensible approach and the tail county supervisor David Canepa says he's heard from several constituents this past week worried they can't get the dental care they need so he's calling on the state to move faster to open dentist offices back up we do not address this then there would be a tsunami of patience currently a merging sea dental procedures are taking place but Dr Sam Corey who has a dental practice in Daly city says you can't put the non emergency procedures on hold forever so call us you know summer's coming our kids are at school this is the time to get their wisdom teeth and as those can cause issues as well in a statement the California department of public health tells KCBS the state is continually evaluating how best to resume elective procedures Keith Menconi KCBS KCBS news time at at nine forty three will check sports in less than two minutes in.

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