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The state guards. That's their 63 pointer of the game. There's shooting 38% from beyond the arc. Now they working underneath the Howard one on one with Jackson. A foul called on the way up goes in from the left block. Ryan Howard has come to life here in the fourth quarter, she's got 15 and the chance for another. Then I should correct myself on that dead ball. After Howard's last shot, they did not give her a foul. I think it was a delay of game warning. I'm not sure because, unfortunately, we're not there, but they have not charged her with the third foul. So Howard's going to go to the line for an and one to try to cut this state lead the 15 59 to go in the game. Howard's free throw is good. 69 68 Howard now with 16 Delete Kentucky. Taylor brings it into front court left side against bitten crosses over to the right side of the wing and passes it to Mingo Young. She'll cut across the free throw line coming left. Now they come to moth Roo against bitten meth Are you on the left side Drives right gets bitten into the low post. Turn around. Little baby Hook is good from out front state is just so good at penetrating into that lane, and these five footers are way too easy for a team like Mississippi State. Shooting 84% in the second half. 16 of 19, and it's a three point lead. Ryan Howard's got it left wing. She circles over to the free throw line down the lane puts up the shot. No good through contact. One of the father is one State comes away with a rebound leading by three men go young goes left and they call a blocking foul on that play..

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