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Yeah a little bit of brother where art thou soundtrack for you today can inspire me to find that old oak tree maynard you're welcome to join me just travis ally gives the quote i have no name i work for no maine yeah it's going to be one of those weekends i am going to be outside a good bit of it that's it for us y'all stick around please please please remember to stay weather aware tomorrow and we will make certain that we do the same thing here you can check it on the facebook pages we'll give you weather updates as we deem them necessary if in fact the weather does get to be a little dicey in the region we will make the commitment that if need be we will come back up here and do whatever we have to do to keep folks safe obviously joe will also be on the air at that point in time or throughout the course of the evening so you can depend on joe locke it always keep it out of the weather for you as well because he loves him some some alabama and he wants to make absolutely certain that everybody stays safe and sound so outside of jobs program if we had we up here related in that i can just depend on us here at superstation what are want real quick what's going on a lot of show tomorrow a whole lot of love hating and debate whole lot of love a lot of hey in debate yeah hayden going on around there i know that james has got big plans for the garden and we've got a lot of things on our agenda as well so we have appreciate you guys stop him is spend some time with us today throughout the course of the week beast and gonna course be up next the ford faction after that jessica and andrew wherever they might be the apparently they're going to be in the building at some point in time and joe locke it doing the gina redman news hour at six with jacob i think tonight it's a coin toss so anyway so spend some time with your family and friends turn the.

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