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RJ next segment this TS in Ps and this'll we'll just do this. And we really quick tease. Impedes phillip. We've hated on hosted a little bit too. As it we because that'll it gets we as as me, look, your coach forgot stuff all of a sudden and your team got just curbstone by Purdue thought sorry, you're gonna get hated on a little bit, but they absolutely boat race Michigan like in a very very harshly, and then also teasing visa LSU who played the most bizarre seven overtime game of ever seen in my life and ended up losing with some suspicious calls so just want. If you're if you're listening to your fan of those fan bases. Are you fan of those teams thoughts and prayers to you guys lik I would like to say about the LSU, Texas A and M game. So I watched that game, and I watched all seven ever times. And it was very riveting. It was the literal longest college football game of all time and the highest scoring college football game of all time with a seventy four to seventy two. Score. But my favorite part is what happened after when? At the end, the LSU analyst Steve crag Thorpe was out on the field, and he was going. And apparently he was going across the field to go say Hello to some coaches on the bench, and as he was working his way across field. He heard a player from Texas really talking trash people. So we went over to the player to just be like, look you won. Like, let it go. Like you run. Let it go. And apparently a guy on the on the Texas AM side came over and punched him in the chest. And not only now why is this matter because you're like, well, people are going to fight all the time. Well, let me give you the quote from because they talked to the papers. Well, everybody bet the mystery guy, which they do figure out who the mystery guy is. And he said I didn't appreciate getting punched in my pacemaker guys. This is the guy with Parkinson's. Yeah. Got pint-sized in the pacemaker. And he was he was trying to go to a player in quote, Queen Elsa and be like just let it go. And then getting punched in his Parkinson's pacemaker after losing one of the most dramatic games ever that they obviously should have won without some dubious vitiating that's tough night. Now is it a surprise that? Although Texas A and M had at the time that we're recording. This has not made a statement on the thing yet like at all. And apparently this guy said I'm not going to press charges. That's crazy. Like, let's just move on from it both. I don't even know who the guy was we'll guess who knows who the guy is always knows that knows. And are we surprised that it's the head coach of Texas AM his nephew? But a very nephew thing to do the billing Regan's of Texas AM. I'm emailing militia ankle right now for comment on how she feels about this how she's reconciling this noted Texas fan. I was watching some of the footage about the brouhaha. Ah-ha and JIMBO Fisher. He's walking on the field. It's a huge victory. I think they were twenty two LSU seven like it's a it's a big win to win a game. Like that be like, it's an upset. It's a great, you know, moving forward for your program, and he's he's about to walk through the tunnel. And you know, he's just smile, and he's like we got the program in a good place. And then his nephew Kohl's like uncle, JIMBO. Look just like the post merger and a guy into just gotten face pushed it, I don't know. I think I killed them. I in this is like, you know, he's like man, I do not get paid enough for this actually does like he makes like a lot of what goes paid for exactly loves it the guy that did say like if there is any damage because he had to be evaluated by the med team. Like, right, then because he felt a flutter. It's just and he was like now if there is damage to my pacemaker, I have to take that up with Texas. I am sure. And I just love that. He's like now Fe put one dent in my pacemaker. They are going to have to pay the deductible for my cut that check for that forty to seventy five for that. Dented pacemaker analyst..

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