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They're not going to die but they they. They did run out of the sandwiches and Chicken prices have jumped all time high two point one percent the eighth straight month increase and yemen. Like for whatever reason. Mcdonald's and everyone else has moved to this chicken sandwich to try to go up against chick-fil-a and popeye's good luck sucks. I had the mcdonalds one the other day just to do it breaks and i wanted to talk about her on air fucking sucks and they put like big mac sauce on the chicken sandwich. No dude no no no no no no no they will say. Mcdonald's is not ordering. Because i don't think it's real chicken joining sawdust thing. Yeah so. Mcdonald's is fine like they're like. Oh yeah we're good we've got enough. It's like out. There's no rush on like chicken. Leering and in pajamas. Yeah exactly. Kfc is fine. They're growing their own. Petri dishes so like you know it's nice to hear that popeye's is still using like a real chicken breast good for them again. Chick-fil-a has you know their own farms. And they've figured dialed all that in. Because if anyone's going to figure it out be chick-fil-a right sure expedite that and like they're probably supplying everyone else who knows in real orderly fashion. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Yeah you know who's not has a shortage of workers chick-fil-a. Oh no no no up. And running up adam up and adam up an atom giving what. We're going to start hoarding food. I have you been to hate at starbucks lately. What about So they're out of everything constantly and today but she got a little snippy with me really. I'm like have bottled water. Well i i asked you if the turkey bacon and damn we're our there's a shortage or deliveries. Okay all right before the bottle water. No ma'am. there's a shortage still worldwide of water water bottles. I'm sorry true. No i'm the asshole. I didn't know that today exactly right. So i was like oh i guess i'm i'm an idiot. She made me feel like. I don't pay attention to that stuff but i was like jeez lady. And then almond honey flat white. Okay we're out of the honey. I literally said geez. It's like i mean. But i have honey packets. I can put okay. You know what forget it now. Yeah i was in the car in front of me laugh. I was at a. You're right man. So i was at a starbucks Shit come into the airport on the way out of their sorry guys had to be done the only drive through coffee place but yeah i look i. Don't give a fuck that's all we have here so nothing we can really do. I was at the one by the airport. And you're right. They were out of everything. I finally got so fed up that. I this was thursday night. Yeah when we leave no last night said well. What do you go. Let's let's reverse engineer this what you said what you have. And then i'll tell you what i can possibly stand out of what you have up. And they seem shocked by that they were like we've got coffee and i was like great. Do you have creamer. No have stevia awesome awesome. Is there anything you can put in this. That will not make it. Tastes like coffee. What is you show in your ask a little bit now but yeah i don't care i don't care ross. Legs coffee but he doesn't want it to taste anything like cough i don't even want it remotely black rosy i had to take it straight black taste white there but i like the taste of it. I want it to be strong and went to taste up just a little bit of something. Who's the grow on you for you. That's that's the color like my coffee right there. Well upsy-daisy what's it is then dire than tom holland. Nice dia okay. What do you think about that. Pairing spiderman and i like dude i die is fucking awesome by the way she is the best. She's one of my favorite shit show on. Why is she not nominated. You know why. I'm just fucking amazing. Somebody took away her nomination. Bob somebody with a deck zendaya's fucking awesome. Dude i would. I still think elizabeth monarch regis nomination. It's actually true. i. I actually completely. You've never seen posed neither of you've seen it so shut up shut your mouth up zendaya. It's all's in dude. Gave everything is in dire. I'm all in on some dire. Tom holland so i saw that relationship. Now she's dating her co star from from When tom holland yeah dork. Let's put step it up. Dudes die needs to be with somebody. Read like devon booker. I've heard somebody can cool. I've heard tom hans. Pretty fucking ran. No they had to fucking take his little script away because he keeps leaking ship from spider-man's excited keeps telling people twee in adorable but also jacked. Yeah like what he's doing for short bob. Let me put you on a cycle dude. I can get you there in four months. Dude the brand new gov no guys no. I don't see color race anything. But i do say i see tolls and smalls right. That's the only way that i differentiate i'm a small. You're a tall. There's other tull's ladies that are like you fucking took one of our tall dealing there's not that many tolls your pick of the shorts holland is a short. She's a tall weird pairing that i might get. There's very few oak damage i mean. Is that governor peterson who get a little color on that body. Is that upon full show. Well shit cookman steroids. I've said this a thousand. I think he's just very young. No is walk off. Dude you go. How skinny he was when he started spiderman steroid. You can tell no traps short shirt show. How skinny he was real veins in the arm. Joe how skinny he was just before the first spider man and then put those side by side because he was an actual kid. so he's growing. Yeah i will this time hone. He's not that old. Twenty eight yeah. He's young not worthy of zendaya. Twenty five twenty five is twenty four and might be real. Then i'm i'll strike that from the record at might not be steroids. Yes you can get that at twenty okay. That one will strike from the records. Ryan reynolds fuck off dude. Thirty eight donahue jingjing gene. Taking fucking stare. That's fine but then dyers a princess. I don't know.

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