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New way. We can say her name. Hello hello are i everyone. These shirts look great anyway yet. But i think that that is a good explanation. Why to how how. He could come back in time but they couldn't use but they couldn't actually do that because they wanted to give you the impression he was a human and then they gave up on that but then they went. Oh shit we didn't actually shoot that scene with him. Slough the skin off sites like fuck it. We don't ca like. I think it's a thing that you if you get hung up on the terminator coming back from the future in a time machine. Then they are completely autonomous. Cyborg rope magnetic polio. When does your suspension of disbelief fall away. Your little detail that. I mentioned that as a film mike. You have to respect your own law roy. Moore i mean you have respect for your own law. Otherwise otherwise you know. Civilization goes to helena handbasket. Doesn't it yes clearly. Now i have a question for everyone when it comes to terminator salvation. Do you find that. Terminator salvation is lacking as a terminator movie because it lacks the time travel. No no no actually actually not I know a lot of people Could a lotta hates on that movie. But i'm actually liked it I think it's a. It's a cool movie and i think it fits in in the whole or and i thought it was fun to do for one. See a bit more of what happens in the time line where everything is pretty much. Fuck the actor. I was trying to remember. I think sam worthington right yeah. That's okay yeah he osa I love the fact that we see. We get to see the prototype muslim. Wanna one rolling kitting as during his. Cgi on impression and you know what there is a little bit of credit to be given to that cgi cameo. I know that arnold the time was governing california. And so yeah. He wasn't going to be in the movie and so when they see. Gee i'd him. It was absolutely cartoon cartoony i. I didn't mind that that. I actually the i guess that would be the first four. Movies right terminator. I loved terminator. Two i think is the my favorite one of all. It's the one. I've seen the most rise of the machines salvation then genesis and then Dark six okay all right. Yeah so the sarah goals. But i like ovation was okay yeah sircana. Chronicles was a fun tv series. I loved it. I couldn't i. Couldn't i couldn't believe it when they act but i was. I was like dude. What are you doing well and also sarah connor. Chronicles is better than genesis year. But it's it. Shares it shares plotline in terms of time travel of them going to the future and overstepping things in the pilot episode of this era connor chronicles. And so yeah. I would i all that great. He isn't good summer. Glaus awesome all the time. All of a sudden i mean the whole. The whole show was good. Would it only ran to season right. Yes yeah Out around the time of the last season right of course to salvation skelton a nine and i moved to la in two thousand seven. And my buddy. James has told me. Hey you got was steer car chronicles turkana chronicles and all of that seemed to be really close so did salvation end up killing the tv show. That's my question maybe place into it really many just because the the the time on it doesn't matter because it's it's it's not again. Tom troubles really video a plot point. So it's not. There's nothing that can come back and mess up and the know and sarah connor chronicles takes place in a completely separate universe. Let alone timeline. So i other things. I don't know i just i that's a that's a show that got axed way too early yet in credits should be mentioned. Todd mike right. I forgot shirley. Manson was i. Don michael says how is The t. o. s. constitution class. Image public domain. Actually asking for myself this time. Not a friend touch actually wants to know about that. Particular image actually was not public domain. It was royalty free cam cam says. Hi stephen scotty good to see you at todd. Michael hari Cam cam says the shirts look great. Well thank you thanks. That's all steve. Shirts t. by the way remember when the consumer electronics industry thought three d. Tv's we're going to be a thing. Three tv off that's true. Actually there are a lot of people who still love them. And i would be if it weren't the case that they don't make three d television anymore. So i would i when i bought my new. Tv the seventy five and samsung. I i would. I wanted a new. Tv that was had good for caig. Good hdr and they just don't make three d. tvs anymore so correct in a. It'll be sad. It'll be a sad day when mine.

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