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Manzini Sleepworld, six stay for Castillo. Need tucked us for few more hours about some isolated showers. Here's KPI x five's Aaron peck with the man, Sienese Sleepworld, six forecast. Well, we're not quite done with this settled storminess that we've had over the last few days, we're mostly done though. A few scattered showers. Move your cross the bay area for the rest of this evening, facto leader. We get the more likely it is. We'll see them. There's just this last little impulsive energy, that's still going to move over the bay area from north to south this evening between say, like eight o'clock and midnight. Tonight. With a few more isolated thunderstorms than what we're seeing. Now the key is they're going to be isolated. So many of us won't see him at all. But everybody's chances do go up as we get into evening for an isolated thunderstorm to roll through then things will begin to quiet down for us. And then we get a nice little break over the next few days. We'll warm, the temperatures up just a bit for Wednesday. Couple of degrees above average for this time of year. That'll bring us up to eighty inland, we should be in the mid upper sixties across the bay next chance of rain shows up on Sunday doesn't look like a big deal, but there is a chance for a few scattered showers to return by the time we get to the second half of this weekend. And by that point, that'll bring the daytime highs inland back into the low seventies. And we should be in the mid sixties across the bay. And we have traffic and weather together on the eighth on all news, one of six nine and AM seven forty KCBS five fifty one and time to check back with KCBS and chronicle insider films, here governor visited Oakland this morning to unveil his new plan to tackle the state's homelessness problem Phil, what's the.

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