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Do a ton weekend in week out. So you're going to start forcing some place? I don't care who you are. And with the Seahawks. They've always been a team maddeningly a times where they kind of kept him back from being that typical Great quarterback. We see that there's ass every week. Hey, throw the ball 35 times. And now you have that old rust cook narrative that the beginning of the year he was a runaway n v P favorite. Now he's obviously come back to tack turnovers. I don't think he's necessarily playing awful football. He does have to rein in some of the mistakes, but I think a lot of that is because yeah, they're giving up 30 plus points every game, and if he doesn't make a bunch of plays down the field, they have no shot. Yeah, I'm with you. I mean, their defense says it got bad, seemingly like overnight, I would say, like Seattle were known for them, especially under the Pee Caroline Russell Wilson era to be really good defensively. And then this year you look up, and historically that one. The worst defense is that we've seen. I do think a lot of that is sort of of lead to rust, throwing the football a little bit more. Last question on Seattle. Do you look at them is being a Zen being legitimate contenders with the defense that they currently have? If the defense plays the way it has the last game and a half. Yes. If they go back to the way they played the first half of the year. No, I don't think they'll be Tampa because the way to be Brady's to pressure him. In Seattle for long stretches of this year. They just can't get a pass. Rush. I to the team is true of being green Bay. Although Green Bay's defense is not good, I get you. Shall I get into a game three pair? They just win 38 35. I'd always say anytime if a quarterback caliber Wilson and have a coach like count you you have a shot, but I don't think they're the favorite FBI. Still campus better in New Orleans with breathe slightly better. And I think the Packers released as good Yeah, The NFC is really odd, especially compared to the A F C cause in the A F. C. There's really those two contenders. And you kind of gotta do some mental gymnastics on who you think that third team is. In the NFC. There's five teams to me that can legitimately win the Super Bowl. There's a lot of parenting yesterday, and I'm guessing your fifth one is the ranch eyes. There's there's a lot of parity in there you could. You could convince me. Look, I think a lot of it with me, and if she's going to come back to who's the healthiest thing come January. Who's maybe the team that gets home field? I'll even though even though most teams don't have fans and even the ones that do very limited, obviously I do think it matters in the NFC for for a few of these teams in New Orleans isn't home and I get the plane in the comfort that dome that matters to that team if the Packers Have to go to Tampa to play Tom Brady and 80 degree weather. I think that's a harder game for them, and if they get Tampa up Flambeau or it's five degrees No. You know for me the favorite me and if she's going to come down to in my eye, who's your home? Who's the healthiest, you know? And and really, just how to some of these master shake the guys in the box or really tough matchup for Green Bay. For all the reasons we saw, they could get a lot of pressure quickly, Rogers Most great quarterbacks great against the blitz. He's not But I give New Orleans place Tampa. They're gonna carve him up. They just kill him. It's a horrible matchup for the Bucks is, breeze gets rid of the ball so quick, so I think you could make a case like you, said Carrington. For any of those teams top teams to get in. I don't think it gets hot. Who gets healthy? And who's it all? I'm with you. I feel the exact same way We're talking to Matt Burger and a fan side. It kind of taking a look at this week in the NFL. Let's keep it in the NFC South. I expected Jamis Winston to start for the New Orleans Saints. It seems like Taysom Hill is going to start or do you think it's just gamesmanship from the Saints? And Jamie's is still gonna be the starter. I think I think hell's you start and they paid him. They give me $20 million contract to keep at some point, But you know, this is what I do. These teams have to justify their investments. That's just the way it is. Otherwise you gotta no, no, we're gonna general magical. I'm sorry. Why am I cutting him a check for $21 million to sit there. That's I'm not. I'm not thrilled about that. So I am taking it was going to start and I think the reason he didn't come in against the miners. She's so different, so unique that they had a plan in place for that game for Bree's Winston Seymour, just prototypical quarterback, and so it was easier to give the ball to Winston. They didn't now than a whole week to go the game plan. I think it's a really dangerous thing. Now, look, maybe case until it comes out and plays really well. If he doesn't and this thing goes really south, and they lose to the Falcons. Yeah. What do you do now? You give up on a guy who just paid $21 million to and you've been counting both privately and publicly for years as the next guy. I don't know what you do. It's It's a weird situation for New Orleans if they really put themselves in It's a tough spot if he comes out and plays awful. There. They are going to be the talk of the league here going into next week. Met. I'm trying to think of something in which it would appear on Lee. One team feels that way. We always say that, you know, it only takes one team to me. New Orleans is the only team in the NFL that views Taysom Hill this way like they found a good role for taste and being that gadget player can come in, run the ball. Throw the ball to. I mean, I remember sometimes last year, I felt like he was our most productive offensive player whenever they needed just kind of get things going. But no team in the NFL views him as a guy who would age 30, who has done four passes and is enough. Career can now be a starting quarterback in the league. I can't think of anyone that feels that way. No. And you know, I could tell you when he signed that that new contract in the offseason I reached out to a handful week exactly around the league took a sample. Hey, what do you see and pretty much universally responsive. Some variation of He's only got a half..

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