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My friend or belong in the high above bracket. To me on several occasions of late that if I am reelected. They will have who knew some of a big of. Hi. Now, I will miss them berry. Mutt? This is just very straightforward stuff. David and Tyndall, South Dakota, David what's up? L day, you're on the air. Yeah. I agree with you on some points about billionaires. But. There's one point I want to make and this is a. The democrat party wants to tax more world's billionaires. Well, the the biggest drivers of our jobs that we have today. David you have been listening to Fox News or right wing hate radio Guaranty because a there's no such thing as a democrat party. It's called the Democratic Party back in the nineteen fifties Joe McCarthy said don't ever say democratic that sounds nice and friendly people like democratic say democrat with an emphasis on the rat. And Fox News has been loyal to that mccarthyite thing ever since number one number two number two billionaires actually slow down the economy because they take money out of the economy, and they put it in their Bank accounts, and in their hedge funds, you ought to know who's driving the economy, David it's poor people people who make under sixty thousand dollars a year under forty thousand dollars a year under twenty thousand dollars a year people at the at the at in the media and the median income in the has as our forty grand. For a household is around twenty seven grand for for an individual people who make less than that spent one hundred percent of their income. And when they spend that money. That stimulates the economy this this idea that Ronald Reagan came up with to try to sell to rubes who listened to right wing radio and things like that. And and truth be told, you know, a lot of people bought this stuff for a lot of years the con- job that Reagan came up with was telling people that used to be called the horses. Sparrow theory back in the eighteen eighties that if you give the horses more oats, more undigested oats in the sparrows will get fatter because they get to eat the outs Reagan called a trickle down. You know, you you put more why in the wine glass at the top. And eventually it spills down off the table and people sitting on the floor. Get some, you know, the crumbs fall on us. It has been proven not to be the case. In fact, the biggest stimulus that we've had if you look at the history of stimulus is in the United States is typically when you when you dial back the social security tax because that's a tax that even if you only five thousand dollars a year, you pay taxes on all your income. And and the way that Obama got us out of the out of the Bush depression. In two thousand nine was by pausing the social security tax or at least two percent of it for either a year or two years. So it's working people. David who stimulate the economy? You drive the economy you create something called demand aggregate demand. And it's also known as wages. It's wages. The drive the economy, not the savings of billionaires, David. Or hired right now. No, not true actually job. It's not true. David. You know, I'm not a billionaire. I'm hiring people. The. David, David, if you if you actually talked to a real, economists, not not to somebody who plays one on Fox News, what you will fi at which is owned by a billionaire, by the way, which is why he wants you to think so favourably of billionaires Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News, and and supervises the programming of it. But if you talk to an actual economist, you will find that the majority of job growth in the United States is small businesses. None of them are owned by billionaires. None of them. And by and large, even if you say, oh, wow. Walmart's creating jobs, well, the Walton family whose worth over one hundred billion dollars talking about billionaires, they do absolutely nothing with WalMart. They just sit around and wait for the dividend. Check to come in the mail the same thing with most billionaires in the United States, their principal occupation is sitting around waiting sitting around the pool on there but waiting for the dividend. Check to arrive that doesn't stimulate anything in the economy. David nothing. Well, they do. Okay. All right. David. Thank you for the call. Good luck Mikhail in Seattle my saying name, right? Mccown mckell. I'm sorry. Hey, Mikhail what's up? Hey, thanks for all your hard work. I am in Seattle. And I have some thoughts about Howard Schultz while we're on the topic of. Looking into his history. Oh, he's local for you. Isn't it? Yeah. I've been on the fence and trying to gather information about him because he does a lot with his foundation here. Locally good. I'm a two main complaint. So I wanted to share. I there was an article this morning in the Seattle times about his voting record. And interestingly he has not been politically engaged as far as building guard. She has voted in the last thirty eight elections Brady, MRs twenty-seven, but but he has poured money into politicians pockets hasn't. He maybe he thinks that's the same thing as voting. Hard to say, that's interesting. The other issue that I wanted to point out. This is this is a different topic. And. Us a lot more expiration. But I've watched him remodel where I've what Starbucks several remodels locally. And I feel like there's a lot of greenwashing involved generally in the company there there's somewhat progressive. But as you pointed out earlier, they've not allowed unionization of employees my complaints. When I observed the remodeling is that they have taken recycling centers out our part of every model. And I know there are lots of issues with recycling currently, but it just seems like a huge step backwards and the employees are Frank. We don't recycle at this location anymore. Here's here's what gets me Mikhail. I'm sorry. Say your name again, Macau mcaleer. I'm sorry mckell. Here's what gets me about Starbucks. Starbucks is based on and is pursuing a predatory business model. They the the, you know, basically, what Starbucks has successfully done is put out of business thousands of small coffee shops all across the country. Now, you could say that they invented or they created the market and to that, you know, tip of the hat and all that kind of thing. But because of the way that the monopoly laws have the the the enforcement of the monopoly laws changed in one thousand nine hundred and Reagan decided that he wasn't going to enforce monopoly laws anymore. We're anti monopoly laws because of that these big companies like McDonalds and Burger King and Starbucks and fill in the blanks. They have wiped out and WalMart is the is the poster child for this. They have wiped out local businesses at WalMart comes into a community over one hundred local businesses will go. Out of business. I don't know Starbucks has intentionally targeted coffee shops when when they're expanding if they come to Portland, and they look around go. Oh, where's the coffee shop? Oh, there's a successful one here in the successful. Whatever over here, we'll put our Starbucks two blocks away and take them down. I don't know if they pursued that strategy, but that's been the the effect the impact this is a predatory business model, and we're congratulating Howard Schultz on being the biggest predator on being the the, you know, the the the giant shark Kuwait, although the smaller and medium size fish, and I don't think that that's praiseworthy. Frankly, I think that we need to go back to back to a business model that we had in the United States prior to nineteen eighty-two that encouraged small local businesses if you go back to the nineteen early nineteen sixties, and and you know, I'm the old fart here. I remember this. I was a little kid like eight ten years old watching route sixty six Martin Marty Miller, and George my Harris these two guys who played. Biff and then Ted or something like that. And they drove this car across the United States. This was before the interstate highway system, they drove his car from the east coast to the west coast, their destination. I think it was Hollywood and every week they'd be in a different small town, and they'd have their adventure in that town, you know, and it's a facet you go. Watch them on Netflix or or the Amazon or whatever I even watch online. I watched one a little while ago. Just to if my memory of that, accurate accurate, and it was and they come into town, and the Bank is named after the town and the restaurant is named after the town, and the hotel everything is locally owned, and you and you knew where you were because every town had its own character its own its own culture its on sense. And today, you could be you could jump out of an airplane and sixty thousand feet and just land in any random part of America. And all you would see as olive gardens and Starbucks and wal mart. And you have no idea where the hell you are making sense. Yeah. It reminds me it's Cosco at came into a town here in Washington. And then everybody started buying their gas. They're like major major lines to save a couple cents. Yeah. Awareness that what it's doing to your other gas stations society where we only have big corporate gas stations. Although that's largely what we have right now because and and back in the sixties and seventies gas twenty five cents a gallon. What would happen is us have four gas stations on a corner, you'd have a shell standard and Exxon and a and a golf, you know, and and they would compete with each other until they had all until three of them had gone had been driven out of business, and again that predatory business model now I have to move along. But thank you for the call and and for bringing up and and sharing your Seattle perspective on all this wreath in mammoth springs. Arkansas reached what's on your mind today. It's actually Ruth Roussy. I'm sorry. Okay. No, that's okay. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I think your van tastic. I wanted to talk about kind of how the billionaires when I I've always been kind of like lower income are middle class. Compared to where I live now. But my goal when you actually if I ever got a traffic ticket that it went bankrupt. Our family. Spiral downward to the decree that we would lose everything and you look at different legal system for United looking at Roger stem, and he is so. He's. Describe how disgusted I am are even Donald Trump when they had done all these completely horrific seeing and yet people like me are people who get it. Like, I said at traffic ticket can ruin your family. And so you have a case out on I'll give you a personal example. I went to court to fight a traffic ticket a minor speeding ticket. And the police officer said told the story, and it wasn't true is to the facts of what happened, and I said, Well, I I can't argue with this because he's lying and at that moment, the judge had the bailiff come and handcuff me and tell me that I was in contempt of court. I had dishonoured this police officer all day with that maternity without making a phone call with nothing I and I was a single. Mother. My kid. Ruth in California. Santa Clarita, California. Yeah. I'm doing fine now, and you know, I'm working hard. And and be the Justice in this in our country is different.

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