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Whol radio severe weather center has been activated wendy wild in the who radio newsroom well the storms that we were watching in the southeastern part of the state have kind of fizzled out but now we're seeing some storm activity fire up in the northwestern opposite corner of the state a severe thunderstorm warning has been issued by the national weather service office in des moines for central sac county and until about three forty five this afternoon they say hazards with this storm include quartersized hail and damaged vehicles could be expected from that and we're not hearing the high winds that we did though in the southeastern part of the state they say that some of the locations that are in the path of the storm include sex city lakeview black hawk lake wall lake wall lake municipal airport and the black hawk lake state park will continue to watch the storms and let you know as they may continue to fire up through the afternoon into the evening here on newsradio ten forty who and by the time the americans had finished banning it to the ground there was so little left of it that when they rebuilt it they decided goal at toronto there was nothing left a your cantera that's what you guys did it's always you always know you'll just like what can they do to them to make them down the white house you damn toronto you've started it anyway anyway i don't want to rehearse ancient grievances but if you are the buffalo area i will be if you go decide online i will be speaking in toronto and having a grand old time and if you listen to buffalo station i'd love to see their ninety minutes of the queen elizabeth way we got some breaking news robert mollah has just filed a new superseding indictment against trump's former campaign chief paul manafort an indictment that also charges a russian citizen cold tom stanton kilim nick who i believe basically run ran the manafort lobbying office in kiev but he's also room and to have some more sinister ties if we get the actual full indictment be interested to see what is in that.

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