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A rare bipartisan. Rebuke of President Trump this week but how long will it last some GOP. Lawmakers have already come out in support of Mr. Trump's clarification of his remarks in Helsinki and with the midterm elections and a supreme. Court confirmation coming up the heat. On the White House from Republicans could be short-lived more on that now from Caitlin Huey burns national political reporter at realclearpolitics Caitlyn, you write that the current GOP. Heat on President Trump might not, last tell us about what you found there is this question about whether this heat that Republican lawmakers are placing on the president after that press conference with Vladimir Putin, whether that heat will actually linger and it has his prologue it it's uncertain and pretty. Much unlikely that it actually will remember when Republicans piled on Trump after his comments. After racial violence in Charlottesville and a. Number of other issues they eventually kind of moved on and came back into the fold as the, news cycle Don so in talking to Republican strategists and looking at some of the statements made from Republicans there is some type of air, of inevitability quite frankly that there. Won't be many political cry consequences. At this point or the president so you mentioned this a little bit earlier but it seems like the last time President Trump received this much of a blowback from, both sides of the aisle was in the aftermath of the deadly Charlottesville demonstrations last summer I guess are there parallels to be drawn between the two incidents in terms of how much of law of long lasting damage could be done to, Trump, politically here Sure well one of the similarities I would say is this the way in which the president talked about both sides of the issue when most Americans you know had made or believe. That there aren't two sides to the issue as pretended Charlottesville and also as pertain to whether you should believe the US intelligence. Community or that of Vladimir Putin's Russia and so that the parallels are certainly clear in, terms of the actual substance of the. Comments and the actual responses from lawmakers but I will say today that you know there. Are Republican lawmakers on the house. Side at least coming to the president's defense and there's also, the question of what Republicans could actually do more than raised their concerns they have said called Ryan house speaker said they will continue to push for sanctions on Russia Oh they have issued sanctions on Russia but beyond that it's not quite clear what. Republicans can actually do to sway this president or to do more to stand up to him and despite President Trump's seemingly unique. Ability to bounce back from these these sort, of incidents and and keep his his base, solid reports have been at the White. House has been doing some damage control in the wake of of Putin summit what types. Of things do they do when. When they're, trying to do damage control on something like this Well the White House has been circulating. Talking points you, know showing, times in which the president has said that he thinks Russia's behind the meddling but, I'm, talking, points you know Aren that's substantive, and the administration, also argues that they have been taking a hard line on Russia they argue that today that they've ministration has issued sanctions. And has reacted, forcefully when presented with evidence from the Muller probe, and the Justice department with those indictments of. Russian agents but you know the president's words really matter here still and the president himself standing next to mere Putin former KGB. Operative of course an undermining the intelligence agencies to the extent that his own director of national intelligence Dan Coats had to come out with a statement defending his work you. Know it was really quite startling north thanks Caitlin Caitlin Huey burns national political reporter at realclearpolitics fifteen minutes. After the hour, on This, Morning America's first news coming up next blue states take aim at the new tax, law.

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