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They are sports illustrate made incredible body of war. I really appreciate the integrity. Is, well On. Great job. We love it luckily. Bank keys Kris menace. These employed by sports illustrated. The announcers got it informed. This is the crossover NBA podcast. You have a problem with it. Build a team that can beat of hosted by the one and. Thank God. Mannix. Part Ron Nut Carney is here fresh from his southern California estates finished around of surfing in the afternoon, and it's kind enough to rejoin me here on the podcast. What's up real on? You know Chris type. Appreciate that you think I have the ability of Surf. That means a lot to me I'm not I'm not typically known for my balanced, so appreciate you throwing it out there that I indeed cancer well I mean. The? Beaches of southern California flooded right. Now I'm not exactly sure what you're doing during all this I feel like there's a there's got to be a medium between the people that don't WanNa. Go anywhere and the people that just want to say. Screw it open. Everything up like how about we can get back to work, but maybe not spend all weekend at the beach like, can we? We agree that may be a prudent solution to this. Listen you have my. I can't I can't speak for what people are doing orange. County, which is like its own unique house scape I did see someone eating alone in a patio at like a very average diner the other day, and that made me sad like I understand people want things to open, but if it comes down to. To like eating alone at a very very average restaurant. Maybe it's not worth it for that either. You know what I mean. I would agree I would agree I. Think staying home might be the better course of action on that one all right. Let's talk about what's going on in the NBA right now. Because the NBA is not planning on staying on the League is set to return. Return Orlando. Twenty two teams will convene down in central. Florida, there will be an eight regular season games to determine seating and give the sixteenth currently on the outside, looking in a chance to make the playoffs. There are other machinations here. There could be a play in game for the number. Eight seed at the nine seed is within four games, so that allows them a chance to. Make up ground how to make up all the ground in that conference and gives the NBA maybe a little bit more juice, going into the post season, so give me your overall thoughts on what the NBA settled on for its return to play in two thousand twenty. I think ultimately made the most sensible call in in terms of. If the situation is, they're playing no matter what I understand why this makes sense. It's obvious that they have a financial motivation to get back on the floor. And I think having twenty two teams. There is kind of you know for them. The happy medium between you know they don't WanNa. Go right into the playoffs and have this long layoff in kind of risk, the integrity of the playoffs of this I think more than anything. The eight Games is is going to be a tune-up for some of the good teams i. I know that they are adding in these wrinkles like the plan tournament and you know the tiebreaker situation and all this kind of stuff. Maybe ads ministry. I'm really just looking at is. This is a tune-up for the playoff team. So from that aspect I I understand what they're doing I. Think makes more sense to do this than bringing all thirty teams back. I think the conversation I still goes back to. Was this the right call I think that's still a little bit up in the air, just the situation in Florida. Itself is already unclear. Something I actually wrote about Hey Chris and I think it's interesting. Adam silver I think has been lauded for kind of the stances east taken out throughout his tenure as commissioner whether it was Donald Sterling or moving the All Star game, or even the China situation to a degree. I think those decisions were in retrospect, and even at the time a lot easier than the one He has to make right now you know I i. don't think booting a racist Donald Sterling out of the NBA alternately is. As brave as maybe it seemed at the time or or moving all star game in a city. That was you know trying to propose Anti Trans legislation. This situation is a lot more risky. Than What Adam Silver has had to deal with in the past, and that's what's fascinating to me about this is. How high is the NBA risk tolerance for making money well it. Four 's a fact about Adam silver that has been repeated to me by a number of top basketball executives that yes, Adam silver is progressive. Yes, Adam silver. Does believe in setting a good example as a League but as the NBA Commissioner Adam silver is about the bottom dollar and this return to play for the NBA look. Let's not twist it. The this is about money. This is about making good on those national television contracts that they have obligations for in bringing twenty two teams back. It gives them a chance to make good on the twenty two regional contracts that the NBA is has obligations for I. Mean if they didn't come back at all. There would be. I don't even want to count how many financial how many revocations there would be that? The NBA have deal with in the twenty twenty twenty twenty one season, so this was done overwhelmingly for financial reasons, but I I don't think. It's mutually exclusive with. Is it right to come back to play I think those both those things can be true. The NBA definitely moved the goalposts with their their criteria for coming back. If you remember back in April Adam, silver, said something to the effect of we want to see Corona virus infections trending down well to your point earlier Florida they're not trending down. In fact in recent days they have spiked with the number of new cases that have been reported, so it doesn't really fit that criteria. All that being said the NBA is doing everything humanly possible to provide a safe environment for players, families of players coaches staffers all that, so look to me. It comes down to do you want to? Get back to work under circumstances where there's no chance you can contract coronavirus if that's the case, I respect that position, but that position may not be a reality until like middle of twenty twenty. One like this is this corona virus is here to stay for the foreseeable future it'll ebb and flow, but it's not going anywhere anytime soon, so if you're waiting for that day, okay, keep weighing in the. NBA decided that they're not going. Going to wait, they're going to go to a state that has welcome professional sports. That's where Florida has done, and they're going to try to create the safest possible bubble. I'm with you on the idea that it is much easier to toss donald sterling out his ass. It is much easier to look at a bad bathroom bill passed in North Carolina and say you know what we're getting out of that state for this cycle this. This could be a defining moment if the NBA goes down there and has a seamless post-season Adam. Silver is GONNA. Look Great. The League's going great..

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