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If i'm if i'm correct if i'm on the right track now i think you are I wanna talk about boston for a second. The celtics brought like a third of their nba roster. Down here. peyton pritchard was down to play. Arnie smith was down to play. Romeo langford was down to play couple of the guys as well. But i want to focus on those three because the celtics. They got really lucky in getting dennis schroder at the price point yet they did is going to help them right away. But backcourt is still relatively thin and where it's not it's full of young players specifically those three guys that i mentioned purchaser came down here with a really aggressive attitude was just gunning had a couple of games. We had double digit. three point. attempts naismith struggled in the opener but came back and played really well in his second game. He is as you've seen in college a proven three point shooter. I don't know what to make of romeo langford anymore. I mean he's been injured his first couple of years had flashes last season. But it's probably make or break for him with the celtics this year but all those three guys. I just mentioned as far as being able to help your team like if you had to take one of them often like make him a part of your rotation who who you most bullish on amongst those three guys. I think just because he's got the size and the and the in the one in i in turn have a really good first year plus but i think naismith 'cause he's six seven he's got great shooting range and you know you can plug him in to a team around him with with great players they have and he can be a solid contributor What i would say about summer week with those three guys. What i love about. It is and what people don't realize is once the nba season ends the player dimension player development. A couple of times now. The player development guys grabbed these guys. I guarantee you not having talked to anybody that they probably were in the gym. All you know the last three months and now you get the summer league and you say like the average fan will say well why shooting so much. Why guy so aggressive while because you can't be aggressive when you're playing with jalen Jason tatum and jaylen brown. And so what you find out in summer league especially with the second year guys and that's the theme of summer league. This year is all these second year guys. That didn't have a summer league last year or along training camp. Is you put the work in behind the scenes. Let's see what you got in the summer. And i think that's the beauty of what the celtics did with these three guys but i think naismith to me probably has that most upside. I think peyton richards going to be in a league ten years. He's gonna be tj mcconnell. He's gonna be steve blake. He's going to be monte moore. She's going to be one of those guys that you always know..

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