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He said, GRA zelda's I enjoyed a phenomenal brunch their Sunday. Brunch is one of the best you'll have in the entire city of Austin, Texas. I highly recommended, but more importantly. Dan tummy, I don't know about tie, but at least an for sure I need picks for Austin. Okay, so I can only give one here. I had yours as my Twitter avatar. For about eight years. I'll write me eating the breakfast taco amid shoe. Was it? Pueblo VA ho. Oh yeah. Seddon such an authentic way. Thank you the way. Bloviate ho is a an excellent breakfast taco place and general taco place. It's on east sixth, but it's right next to downtown. I'll just stay on sixth street, really. I mean, there's you should explore all of Austin, but easy tiger for coffee and pastries. You can get really good burgers and salsa. Verde fries at casino. El Camino on sick. Oh yeah, we were there. We went to casino Camino. Incredible. And yes, play VA ho is just incredible. It's super low key. And if you want one more place, I've heard incredible things haven't been there. Can't personally vouch about swear. Swear swear. Tate s. u. e. RT sounds dangerous swam. Okay, moving on. Thank you. Adam, seven PM ESPN two more games here to discuss Missouri, Alabama, Alabama, twenty eight and a half points, the favourite. Any reason to not go Bama minus anything. I cannot find one know Bama minus anything. It is. We agree. Can I ask you a question to totally derail things? Please? This has been a week that has been for whatever reason. Chock full of. Let's not crown Bama yet, right? As people are saying, things like to a tongue of Ayatollah has been incredibly got an Email from somebody asking us if Alabama was overrated, Alabama's, overrated. We've gotten tweets. I saw Bill Connolly you know, he wrote something about about to a an historically if he's cherry picking the best games of recent Heisman quarterbacks that they don't even compare to what to a has done thus far against everybody. And normally I would say with Alabama schedule, which I think is better than most are pointing to ending. AM is a pretty good team ole miss for whatever reason as a terrible defense. But they probably have the third best quarterback in the conference. I think Jordan Thomas at a better year than drew lock now. Yeah. And so I thought that was a legitimate offensive test with those receivers. And I would normally be hesitant about saying done deal Alabama's. There's nobody that can beat Alabama, and I'm not going to say that now, but we do have a track record. We do have a benefit of the doubt that Nick Sabin has earned that maybe nobody historically has earns. And so I think it's okay even without them having played against the Auburn defense or the LSU defense or potentially the George defense in the championship game to say, Alabama is excellent and to just plant that flag and say, I don't care who disagrees Alabama's excellence, and it's very strange to watch them play and say. And now I've only played Louisiana Lafayette AM and Arkansas neno Alabama's there. Can I tell you how brave it is to go out on that limb. Fake you into build a case for Alabama as the best team in the country. I don't try myself out to to really come out as an Alabama believer today, very well thought out. Thank you very well delivered in, but there is that like weird backlash at this point. Well, people are just looking for hot takes Dan. That's true. Ten just looking for takes. I'm with you Bama minus anything final game here on the slate, at least on our sheet, ten pm Friday night..

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