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In response Ross gave a public statement of each own in the silk ride forms which had existed since the beginning of the sought Russ posted a message under the name admin, which was how will so Greg uses new when no-one Yuille sexual identity. Just that he was admitting the message, read quite. As many of you know, US Senators are aware of the sought and Daming to take it down. The door have been cost into Now, we will say how they land. We'll be diverting even more if it into cantering their attacks and making the Saudis resilient as possible, which means we may not be as responsive to messages for a wall. I'm sure this news was Skift some off, but should we win? The fought a new era will be borne. Even if we lose the genie is out of the bottle and they affording a losing war already. It's better to leave one dyas of lawn than 100 years as a win cross-handed encouraging and feel fearless on the sought things with different in real laws The Golkar article and the subsequent public statements. But to US, Senate is wrote a lot more attention to silk road in a few days, The number of registered uses on the sought, jumped from one thousand to ten thousand into the forum's what filled with endless posts. Many users who are already using the sought, What pissed off it I drink Chen's Otigo because silk road was supposed to be an underground sacred. Ross was also having problems with Bitcoin every time there was a new purchase on Assad he lost be coins. ETA designing can, and he had no idea what he was also concerned that the service would be up to handle the increased traffic to the website So he decided to do what the Senate is set off Ste he shot silk write-down It happened on June noughts I days off to the Golkar article was published. Ross started checking all of the coding and programming he'd done until he found what the problem was when he does on silk road, he'd connected. He's young account to the in the face of the website on in order to fix these, He rewrite the code and who is I would stop. He's be coins from disappearing. Every tone, those in your purchase because of the pact Ross was so inexperienced and hadn't done programming will coding. Before he realized there was a number of other potential problems on the sought that had to be fixed as well. He reopened Silkroad on June 17th But disabled the possibility for any new registrations describing tone to fix the other mistakes in his programming and curbing. Existing members of sucrose took advantage and sold their membership self, a different forms. They went to read it for chain and Bitcoin, talk and offered the silk road Ciller accounts to whoever bid the most. On June twenty seeks Rush reopened registrations when silk wrote, but he made a change. The seller accounts when you put up for auction previously a use it could simply purchase a seller can't for five hundred dollars. But now the seller cancer auctioned off one every 48 hours to the highest bidder. Ross relates to post on the sought to explain this change saying that he hoped it would May nine lead the most professional and dedicated sell us would have access to celery counts. The auctions generated a lot of action and silk road continued to grow. With the release of the Golkar radical and goal of the attention abroad thinks start at the turn for the worse between Ross and his girlfriend. Julie. When he's Bitcoin account started training due to the coating Ross in ladies computer. In fact, he had barely left is computer. It'll since who quote. He dedicated a lot of tone to his website into very little on to anything else. Then things got worse for Julia roughshod her a new product on silk road. The summit had introduced guns Julia completely disagreed with guns being available Duband silk road. She couldn't think of any good reasons why someone would win by a gun anonymously Ross believed in a person's right to defend themselves and believed that if the government could have guns than so too, should the paper. Communication between the couple's lessened into Julia disorder too late for a few days to visit her friend. Erika in New York. Julia couldn't stop thinking about Ross and supercharge A plagued us Lewis to such an extent that she ended up telling her friend Erika or about the saw it. Erika, swore should never told anyone about it. Julia returned to Austin in the beginning of September two thousand eleven She gave Ross an ultimatum, her What silk road he chose silk road. He moved into a new apartment in Austin. The still remained on relatively good terms with Julie. They still sore H other occasionally. After the break-up Julia invited her friend Erika to moves to Austin and live with a Eric and made the movies. But the living arrangements didn't Moslam. Eric and Julia wanted to score some acid for a new idea, said they went to a place where they knew that could get it easily silk road. Erica had a really bad trip which landed her in hospital. Julia didn't go with A. And when Eric a good idea, her and Julia had a huge fought. Gross up and debated Julius apartment visiting at the tone and Hey, goading between them. He ended up grubbing Erica in pushing her out of the apartment. Erakat returned to New York in the next morning Ross check these Facebook account. There was opposed on his wall for America, the red. I'm sure the authorities would like to know about Russell bricks. Drug web sought. Ross panicked and delayed the message is fast, easy coot. He called Eric her and told her that who was very sorry for what had happened was using tees and pleaded with a not to tell anyone else. Erica, great. And then hung up when he. Ross was angry. He told Tuleya that she had betrayed these trust into Now we had the lay Voss than because of her. Ross Solbes pickup truck into thing. Good is far away from most him. As he cou. He went to Bondo I in Sydney Australia. We

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