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Zillow, Saint Petersburg, One Hundred Thousand Dollars discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


This is Saint Petersburg realist agent who listed as house on Zillow complete with photos of it on fire the house the house is totally and coughed if the sense of humor he I know he says so he has for the is it says for less than one hundred thousand dollars you can own this home in Saint Petersburg nice neighborhood the house the house of the property was quoted heavily damaged in a fire the city has ordered it better be demolished but the guy continues it's located in a very popular neighborhood you can't find a better life and then if you look down you see fit the description of the interior an attic fan a bill cooktop in carpet call scorched all scorched it says total bedrooms three may be located in a nice quiet area surrounded by all residential a lot of expensive homes in this neighborhood you can't find a better a lot they're not too many lots available in this area the house is fully engulfed oh my gosh this is hysterical good on this guy well I'm glad you've got a good sense of humor let me guess somebody parked a lift bike in the front room it went as we've talked about the lift bike you can get scorch crotch be careful.

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