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The the effort to get a po box because Some people were saying. Hey you know really don't like the online money thing and if you give way to send a check we would and so The pillbox and then it's been two days and i haven't even told you so The po box if you want to support the show is It's republic keeper or republican broadcasting at post office box four nine one and i need a graphic put that up on screen four nine one and that's woodinville washington. Zip code is ninety zero. Seven two dash zero four nine one. And so that's the way you can mail a check a letter. You know a threat. Hopefully not you know. Whatever is what is going to the post office. So i guess they will detect it And then also places to follow me and the show It's brian your bro. On almost any platform you can find me at brian. Your bro or just search republic keeper and I am on jab. i'm on quad verte mastodon Clout hub me. We just you can get the show almost anywhere. on the rewind Getting it live is another Whole 'nother category and we're looking for a way to get it. What we what they call over the top splendor. What that means is over. The top means that i wouldn't be depending on anybody. It would just be the stream straight to the to the website and then that stream could be to anyone that would have it including facebook.

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