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It's like something crazy and both walked away with eighteen major things. I don't think you can beat that. I think this is second. And as Mary Carillo has often said, for all of our conversation about more Borge macaroni each. It was the James Dean of rivalries, they only played fourteen times seven seven and then board walked away. So I can't put that one up there, even just because it didn't last long enough actually Connors McEnroe. They played way more times than than Borge macaroni did. But because of Agassi. Yeah. I that's definitely in the conversation, but he but, but again, that's different too. Because to me, having seen had a front row seat to all of that. Mitch when the sides were even Pete almost always one. There was one time when Agassi got him in the Australian Open because peach coach who's dying and he broke down on the court. And was exhausted by the time he gets the final Pete was better than Andre. Okay. These guys Bobby Mitch when you watch them tomorrow, even if it turns out to be a beatdown for noodle. The contrast is always made it so spectacular. The left handed the left candid streetfighter and the most elegant player in the history of men's or women's tennis, one guy stand back, one guy coming on. No. It's, it's to me, again, I gotta give Chris Martina their props because they did it so many times for so long. But in men's tennis, nothing has ever been comparable in my life. Watching tennis to Nidal better. All right. Well on that note, we've given you something to watch besides the NBA. Let's get to our parting shots. Bob Ryan lead us. Oh. Tom Brady, should listen to the advice of Kenny Rogers, he should know when it's time to stop holding them and start Fulton them. I mean, have you heard this nonsense about Brady or his people wanting to trademark than nickname? Tom terrific. He's got everyone in New York angry with him as if they don't already have enough reasons. That's because in Gotham, Tom terrific belongs to one person, the great hall of fame pitcher, Tom Seaver. It Brady didn't know this beforehand. He sure does now and he should back off. Oh, and by the way, I have never once heard anyone here in Boston or New England referred to him as Tom terrific. We just say, number twelve or TB, twelve his legitimate brand, the only remote justification for doing this would be of any money heater would go to charity. But I haven't heard anyone say that Tom number twelve TB twelve. Listen to me. Here's what happened in Oakland last night after Kyle Lowry job into the stands trying to save a loose ball in the moments after that he got shot by a fan who was a later checked from or Kolarina arena, Lowry, also says the guy cursed him out, quote, there's no place for that. Cower Lowry would say later. He had no reason to touch me. He had no reason to reach over two seats and then say some vulgar language to me, there's no place for people like that. In our league. Hopefully he never comes back to an NBA game. Now this doesn't mean that Drake, the world's most famous raptures fan is this guy from Oakland, all Drake, does act like the leader of the pep squad, and chirp at opposing players every chance he gets, so that's a different Pugh. But guess what? It's the same church the one where we and I mean we in the media and we the teams and we even the player sometimes have convinced fans that they're part of the action. They're not. And they never will be no matter how many times we celebrate the twelfth man or the. Six-man or anything else. And every time we convince even famous singers that they are part of the action and part of the team, we cannot be surprised that what happened in Oakland still happens part too much. Have you ever noticed how quickly.

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