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Can you talk about the difference between what happens when rudy. Giuliani the former mayor of new york. And now the trump attorney when he goes into the court and says actually he's not alleging fraud and then walks out of the court and in this. I mean what will go down in history of this bizarre news conference with the person that was described as trump's lawyer as well sydney powell where she said the entire election should be thrown out. Because it's a conspiracy between who chavez who years ago the communists and tika george soros and A german voting in the country of germany. I mean the counting of the votes in germany that the entire election in this country should be thrown out now. giuliani distancing himself and his makeup a leaking down his face this bizarre moment but what he says outside and what he says inside for lay people who don't really get the difference right so when you're inside a courtroom you have to provide some proof especially if you're asking a judge to do something incredibly dramatic like overturned the results of an election right. That's not lightly undertaken because millions of people had voted and so i think what you see here is kind of indication of desperation on the part of giuliani and these other lawyers if they had real proof of fraud of some theory. That could really Make it possible that they could get their wish in court. They would be clearly stating that in court. They did not do that. And so instead you take to the airwaves. Where is not necessarily asking hard questions and you can make whatever allegations you want but the mitch mash mismatch shows that you just don't have the goods to win your lawsuit. I wanna turn to governor. Chris christie the former governor of new jersey. There've been a lot of questions about why more republicans aren't speaking out He denounced the lack of evidence and trump's election lawsuits as a quote national embarrassment. He was speaking on. Abc's this week on sunday. What's happened here is quite frankly. The conduct of the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment. They alleged fraud outside the courtroom but when they go inside the courtroom. They don't plead fraud and they don't argue fraud. This is what. I was concerned about at two thirty in the morning on wednesday night listen. I've been a supporter of the president's. I voted for him twice but elections have consequences and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here. That didn't happen. So that is chris. Christie the former governor of new jersey. Can you talk. Emily pass along about the lack of republican voices. That are astounding in the face of all of this. I mean if these elections were overturned many republicans would also have their elections invalidated way. Although the trump campaign conveniently does not argue that court but logically speaking. Of course you're cracked. I think what we're seeing here is a lot of enabling and we have seen now for years elected republican politicians unwilling to challenge president trump. When he says things that simply aren't true and now it's really going to quite an extreme where a basic statement elections have. And when you lose you have to leave. Office turns into a kind of dramatic active heroism. I think the republicans have a problem and collectively and so when they challenged president trump one by one then he gets mad at them on twitter and they worry that they are losing support. Their voters chris. Christie doesn't have to worry about that because he's still in office but i think a lot of current politicians care about their political futures and feel beholden to trump's base are just afraid challenge him and the thing is you're not going to win unless you all get together and say your time in court is over. The results of the election are clear. President elect joe biden is going to be the next president and they have not made that kind of collective statement. Let's turn to what's happening in michigan right now. I mean you have the president of bringing in the heads of the state legislature the house and the senate. I want to turn to last tuesday election officials and the state's largest county certifying. Joe biden's victory after a dramatic reversal. We're going to talk with the head of the nwa c. P. in detroit about this but if you can talk about what's happened right now With one of the two state board canvassers saying that they're going to vote against certifying the vote they're only two republicans in to democrats talk about the significance of this. And what will happen. Well this is a very odd situation. The state canvassing board clearly has what's called a ministerial duty. And that means that the board once it is satisfied that the votes have been tabulated and the counties have certified their results which did happen last week in every county once the state board sees that they are supposed to sign off. It's not a choice. The statute says shell and so when you have that kind of function set up for you. You are not supposed to be deciding that because you have your own suspicions. You're supposed to call for an investigation. Maybe you just prefer president trump to to president-elect biden. That's not your job. And so i think there is going to be a real tension here between the clear duty of these canvassing board members to sign off and certified the election and this kind of heart is unbiased or these based suspicions of fraud that keeps simmering even though no actual fraud has surfaced and i should also mention there were more than six hundred seventy thousand votes cast in wayne county which includes detroit and there were questions about hundred and fifty of them a tiny percentage and cases. It was pretty easy to explain what had happened. It's it's a regular event in elections for the belt books not to perfectly balanced right. You can have someone who gets in line and gets marked is about to vote who then change their mind. Leaves their innocent explanations for you can have very small irregularities and the notion that because of this all of detroit's vote should be thrown out as one of the county board members suggested that is just really not how election law works and it is telling when you decide not to count the votes of the mostly black city in your state. It suggests that there was something else going on here. We're going to go to break. And i'm going to ask you to stay with us. We're going to seek with the head of the nwa p. in detroit. And i wanna get your comments on that as well. Emily basilan is staff writer with the new york times magazine lecturer and senior research fellow at yale law school and author of charged the new movement to transform american prosecution and end mass incarceration. We'll be back with her in the head of the nwa cpa in detroit in a moment.

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