Brock Obama, President Trump, Alexander O'neill discussed on Popcast - The Crooner in Chief: Barack Obama’s Musical Legacy


In their space yet i feel that of all the times that i have seen brock obama saying in public it is always been to telegraph a sense of belonging both his belonging to the black ultra experience up is one to watch church all of those things down and it is yeah it is the and it's not the performance of down as it is be and it's just a performance it is the expression of and the communication of of down hi i'm with you we're together i feel you and also you know legion of a safe spent but just as easily is it could you not it if he was legitimately bad it could but i don't know man you know that's what i'm saying going is not good enough he's doesn't run up and like guess if i were president and i was like you know monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday's you know i mean the one i don't know i don't know what happens but i mean all i would go on my alexander o'neill suit that's what would happen off when not and that's alright find i'll do here you know you leads here's a panic karaoke i will you do that yeah he's a if you do that on say that the about it would not because of offers they were all those he's just smooth and the thing about him is when he does this he is in a full possession of if not and his poise didn't like the reason he is doing it presidential it is all right in and to see that authority use it to seeing out green is all that off a should be about but okay so then but that brings us to what i think is obviously the most crucial and potent use of music in the brock obama administration which is when the president saying.

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