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And you have to come up with some way to make money that isn't ads because you can't peel snapshot has this snapshot is a big platform that can't make money because they haven't figured out how to steal add money away from Facebook, Google. So YouTube Polaris Lee has this problem where competitor start, people get famous, the competitor's fail and the people flood on the YouTube apart from vine which they seem to be like, Yep, you're videos can be longer net like same idea, just longer apart from buying. They haven't really figured out how to do that. Well, it doesn't seem like how to bring other communities onto their community in have the same set of values. Yeah, and I think the only reason that vine, the vine creators referred to as the vine invasion. The reason I think the by invasion went as well as it did for a lot of people was it's hard to monetize buying because bads, but it's also hard. It was hard for creators who were getting like agents through vine to continue living in LA and continue doing what they were doing, but just being on vine. So they went to YouTube and suddenly they are recording. Dogs with Will Smith, and they're getting Nike ads and it's like they're making law oughta money around the same time. You see a bunch of vine kids realize we can all live in a big house together and just log together and create content twenty four, seven, and make a lot of money. So you see this kind of huge explosion of light vlag squads, which is happening in LA all the time more. So in LA the New York, there's a really big difference in the New York and LA log scenes. And I think that's particularly interesting, but LA it's a lot of twenty year olds who like dropped out of college and high school and a fulltime YouTubers. Now, I think tick talk musically rolled into tick tock. It's interesting because when I went to vid con and Tennakon which was failed with did not go, well, it was you go to. I went to a hotel. I went to hotel. I went, I was. The lobby of. Probably got kicked out. We, there's all these take talking event that doesn't happen. Sorry, there's a all these musically. Kids were there and he's musically kids, thirteen fourteen and talking about how their parents moved them out. Tell lay and trying to get into YouTube and how you to the next step, or a lot of them are just like, well, we'll go to twitch. Twitch has this like actual subscribers and they're like, well, we can just stream for ten hours. And so you see this a lot with different platforms where they start off somewhere and they built in audience. But the goal is to move to you too, because it's the only way to get money really. And now that's loud even twitch. People are really intimidated by twitch and I totally understand why I live streamed before, and I hated it talking for eight hours and interacting with people is insane. It's exhausting. It's difficult if you're playing a game to keep that going. I get someone like ninja a lot of credit Caesar, good gaming. These also very good, entertaining, and twitch. Twitch is lake fraternity. Twitches community. If you're not. In it. It's really hard to break into it because there's like a whole secret language handshake. The understand more as YouTube. You can look out if you've got not maybe of an audience, something goes by roll, your your clapping with someone else. Like there's a way to kind of break in and form a community around yourself. So I think if you can make it on twitch, having subscribers is better because it's direct money coming in to that, you know, you're gonna get versus YouTube, you're relying on that sense. And that differs especially if there's a demonitization monetization wave which we've seen. But YouTube is kind of like it's still the golden platform become a YouTube star. And now that like Will Smith is on Reese Witherspoon saw like it's just the next that in-between wave of Hollywood. Brought to you betterment. They've got an advertiser segment for you to listen to check this out right now ten years ago, the great recession sent shockwaves through the global economy and in that uncertain economic environment, consumers regret with fear and doubt two thousand eight. It was, you know, the great recession, people in general, had lost trust in the incumbents. And I thought there really ought to be an obvious best answer to the question..

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