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It's not what it used to be is certainly not what it used to be an american. Clearly you don't have to market a white individual in order to elevate the profile of a sport in this day and age but do you believe baseball believes that i think baseball is starting to get. There was evidence of this at the beginning of the season. Where if you looked at applebee's twitter page one of the front facing platforms for mlb Their entire banner was a lot of minority places. Fernando tatis junior. It was one soto. It was ronald the kunia junior. Mookie betts they're starting to realize that what makes baseball different from the rest of the american sports landscape. Is this cultural diversity. The fact that you have people from different countries and i think you're seeing this emblematic in the game in the shift in the unrolls on the field of the fact. That backflips are now an acceptable thing. That self expression is now an acceptable thing that sneaker culture is starting to leak onto the field through Through the cleats You know people wearing jordan's on the field. People were painting cleats on the field starting to see the self expression on the field that you didn't see before it started to show that baseball has all these cultures come together right and baseball club in many ways is so emblematic in both good ways and bad ways of america as a whole because you see so much of the kind of cultural diversity and a segregation within the clubhouse reflected in in the cultural spirit of america as well in our current moment. Wanted to ask what you think about this real quick because a friend of mine who hosts his own radio show on urban view sirius. Xm radio channel one twenty six. His name is joe madison. They call them the black eagle. He's been around for a very long time. I've known a few years loved the man. He sent me a quote yesterday. He sent me something. I wanted to know what your reaction is to this. He said what do you call someone who speaks in you know. Basically this is a quote that he pulled. What do you call someone who speaks three languages trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages bilingual. What do call someone who speaks one language american. That's what he said. That's what you sent me. Daddy sent me. And i was like the damn. It is true. And i wanted to know. What do you feel about that quote. And how much do you feel. A quote like that impacts the agent and the asian american community in terms of how americans in this day and age view folks who are from a different place. Then obviously the united states of america particularly as it pertains to this more debatable. Well i think we're starting to have a shifting discussion and discourse around what it means to be american in this country and i think that transcends the idea of sports When i was growing up there weren't any asian. Americans other than pablo tori and mina kimes and michael kim on on. Espn and now. I'm sitting in this position as a bilingual non-american warren person talking to you guys about what.

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