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Raleigh News Radio 700 WLW radar shows clear Sunny skies. It is 36 degrees right now. Hamilton County is that level for purple alert, and it's expected to stay that way when Ohio updates its county by county map tomorrow, Health Commissioner Greg Testament With an update earlier today, while we are in the middle of being purple and still in the middle of this pandemic, please continue to mask social distance and wash your hands. This is how we'll keep our seniors and our population healthy. Until we can get vaccine for everyone who wants it on the county commissioner do these three house has announced a partnership with the county Board of Elections. That facility in Norwood is going to be using the space set up for early voting in order to give covert vaccines. AZM orbit come available following two days of mostly below average covert numbers. The Ohio Department health today saying there are more than 400 new hospitalizations and nearly 40 new ICU admissions since yesterday, 73 new death reports now pushing the state to roughly 1400 covert fatalities just since this year began in Kentucky. The testing positivity rate is just about 11% 49 new deaths reported in the Commonwealth today on Wall Street. Today, the Dow closing up 258 points the NASDAQ Up to 60 and the S and P Up. 53 news radio 700 wlw. Sports College Basketball News. Xavier's Big East game against Georgetown, set for next Wednesday has been postponed due to covert 19 issues within the Hoyas.

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