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Sure that the older people get out. You guys get out. We're gonna help. We're gonna stand behind it. I got it. I got a hit a break. But, Jeff, thank you. Voices you trust Kristina maintains a Sam Shane The KFBK Morning News News 93.1 kfbk from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. Good afternoon 12 30 I'm Dana has with your time stories president and like Joe Biden, describing the mob who stormed the capital as domestic terrorists. He called yesterday's attack one of the darkest days in history also claimed if they had been black lives matter. Protestors They would have been protesters. They would've been treated differently. Meantime, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is not supporting an effort to remove President Trump from office as to the 25th amendment being invoked. Do not believe that's appropriate at this point. I'm looking for a peaceful transfer of power. I'm looking for the next 14 days to reset Republican, making the claim that as many Democrats are calling for vice president Pence to invoke the amendment, Graham also went after Trump's legal team who've been pursuing allegations of election fraud, he said the team has been consistently making accusations that aren't true, Graham says it needs to come to an end. California funeral homes being overwhelmed as covert cases surge and the death toll rises. Bob Ackerman is ahead of the California Funeral Directors Association says no one could have been prepared for the amount of deaths that's occurring now really expected. You know the bawling and look desk that has occurred. I think more so again in Southern California, there are preacher of vehicles in some hospital parking lot. There are funeral homes that have brought on additional capacity over and above what they added in the summer and they're still being overwhelmed. Ackerman adds. Local funeral homes must also stay there. Vigilant and safeguard staff because these front line workers are licensed trained professionals who can't easily be replaced. Now, traffic and weather together and for traffic. We have Brian Nobles. This report is brought by Cal Hope in the California Department of Health Care Services got an accident in the transition from eastbound Highway 52. South Bound I five. It's a solo vehicle action there. No one is injured it just a little spot of mild slowing getting around it. If you're feeling anxious, stressed or lonely.

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