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Marine retired Marine fighter pilot. She has announced that her campaign is announced. I don't know if she ever announces anything. That there are three months to go to the election, and she's going to fly herself around the state. I don't know if that means every day or once a week or whatever. And just Ah, Here's the statement. First woman Marine to fly a combat mission. An F A 18 Hornet who That's a fancy plane. She won't be flying. One of those around the state would be very expensive. I know she has tons of money. Will be very expensive and rather ominous. Actually tohave a fighter, you know of killing machine flying around the state, it would look People would go. Oh, my God Trump sending the federal troops and there they go. The unknown federal troops get a get one of those. Laser beam things and try to blind the planet. Yeah, don't do that. I'll send you right to the federal pokey. Well, wait a minute. That was back when we had laws and laws were observed that maybe it won't. I wouldn't do that if I were, you know. Amy McGrath plans to fly herself across Kentucky to every region. Now we have 120 counties. We don't have 120 airports. We have a lot of airports. I've landed at many of them. I've been flying airplanes for a long time to what I would like to do is a matter of fact. Since Amy McGrath will not speak to me or has not in the last couple of years she did During the last campaign, she ran. I think she doesn't like Ian. That's what I think it couldn't be me. It's not personal. I talked to people from all walks of life. So Ian must have done something to upset Amy McGrath. Nonetheless, many people don't like me. That's just how it works. I've sent emails Ian and sent e mails. We don't even get replies. Have you gotten a reply in because Oh, no, Never They don't even answer us likes like they just go in a whole, you know? Yeah, they do. We're in the spam file. So what I propose is something that I did a long time ago when Doug McKelvin worked here. I will fly myself around the state behind Amy McGrath's airplane if she'll give me an interview on one of the airports somewhere here in Kentucky. There. I'm throwing that one out there and all it does is gives you a program. I'd be on for a few hours. Where would I be talking? Hey, I'm flying today and we're following Amy McGrath around the state and I would just be what's not going to be a flight of two like where you're flying next to each other, But I You know, they would have to tell me their destination and then I would fly my own aircraft to that destination. McKelvin went with me. Years ago. We did this and we gave out prizes. I don't even know when this was the early nineties, maybe, and I just did an afternoon show on the reason I had McKellen's. He knew enough about flying toe where he could also handle the radio controlled the W H s radio controls and I would fly the airplane, but he could also sort of be a little bit of a back up for me like a flight students. And so we were able to do that, because you know, I have to pay attention when I'm on the air, and then he would know to just hold the airplane and the altitude and then we go to our destination and we landed in a bunch of airports and handed people stuff. It was fun. So I would like to do this thing that I'm just I'm throwing this out here. For the Indian McGrath. People who ignore us and act like we don't exist. We're just trying to give you some air time so you can talk about your side of the story. Mitch McConnell's on here occasionally is not only that often, but Hey, does come on to the show, and I think he's been on with Tony Cruz before Senator McConnell I'm talking about, But I don't know that Amy McGrath has appeared on any of our shows, You know, in several years, and I don't know why. I'm not going to bite anybody's head off. I talked to Democrats and Republicans and independents and people from all walks of life. That's that's the flow of the show as it's been for 40 years, so I'm just throwing that out there extra, and I'm not gonna bill your campaign for my fuel. Any of that stuff. I will. I will just take it on as a personal expense just to get the interview to get the job done. All I'm worried about, though, is we're in the air. Here's Amy McGrath flying there. I'm at a safe distance, and I just want to warn Amy McGrath and advanced. She's rusty. I don't know how often she flies anymore. But here's a phrase we always use in flying situational awareness. A name a grass radar, But you'll have to know your situational awareness. You'll have two. That'll have to be on point at all times because we won't be the only aircraft in the air. There's also the papa chopper. That's Jon Snow water, You know, he posted that Tic tac video with the The brazen, garish, narcissistic headline. Did you know I have my own helicopter. He doesn't have anything else to do. So they post things online about how rich he is in the middle of a pandemic, with unemployment at alarming rates off the charts rates like the Great Depression, But he's showing us his helicopter and that guy will fly himself to go get a sandwich didn't fly himself. Some other guy does that forum, But we will have to look at being the lookout for the Papa chopper, which is wandering around aimless aimlessly a lot like Amy's campaign direction sometimes. Well, we don't understand the whole direction. So let's keep it our keeper. Eyes open on that. Just looking for the other air traffic. That's important. No joy so far back in a minute here on news radio, 8 40 W. H S. This report is sponsored by the podcast for gotten women of what is use radio..

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