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I'm just. I was a joke. I did he ever streak on. But you know what. I mean keith. It's not the place an issue so it's like something something something off so there's something off down there and we'll more by by next week. I'm sure send him to. Boston will take him. Boston would be a six barbara me loss crew and if you florida keep some of the money. Say florida hold onto half of his salary. And maybe maybe Bruins send john more. I mean would you not love that as a bruins fan would love. It is a bruins fan. So we'll see we'll see what goes on. But i refuse to believe that the streets sh the streak will end on a healthy scratch by the shit bag panthers. No offense keith. Yeah definitely feels like some sort of a staring contest keith. He has three as left at six point. Three five million. He also has no move clause so they can't necessarily trade them. But i was commissioned by an owner. gm could make. i don't wanna use the word threats but can say hey if you don't wanna blige. We can do this do that. So it definitely feels like some that for the fervor. All involved has come to a head at some point you. I don't think you wanna go into the season now. Scratching a guy like this and it just becomes a story that you created on your own so but we'll obviously keep your also devaluing an asset in fact to a trade. I'm a little bit bizarre but we can move on. I think we've kind of we're gonna get better anyways. Just a couple of the notes related to cove. Ajaria hit the door. But we gotta talk about it The tampa bay lightning did reverse cost. They are not going to allow fans in the building. Do the recent kovic cases hospitalizations in pinellas county Three teams will have some fans. The stars will have thirty percent cap Which is five thousand fans the panthers and the other side of florida from tampa. They'll have a twenty five percent cap at five thousand fans and you guys. The coyotes twenty five percent cap which is thirty. Four hundred and fifty fans and that doesn't include media in other people that are allowed to win by coyotes. Kicking it off soon. They're very excited very excited to get going. Actually we're going to do We're gonna. I'm gonna head to the game on thursday against san jose sharks a little I think they play them back to back. They play him saturday as well to kick off the year. So excited to see a burns as well in action. San jose sharks and other team looking for a bounce back year after they struggled last year. I eric carlson and other big name there. So i'll get to see him live in the flesh and get my My my my tv. My tv personality back on. So i have to have somewhat of a filter biz biz. What is it. Peter man's biz. Peter man's best culligan. Yeah it's gonna take a little getting used to these baseball style. Schedules for sure and one last note before we send it over to jack eichel a couple teams are gonna partnership as far as the ahl national and carolina above us chicago wolves the l. in tampa bay in florida both use the syracuse crunch. The h. l. Just it's kinda we kinda way. You can actually have a guy on a team and then go play them later in the season. I know it's probably slim this year but either way on a pass that along boys. I think we should send it over to buffalo sabres superstar. Jack.

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