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I to be affected too. So this condition needs to be treated right away. So I kind of try and sell arteritis or temporal arteritis associated with scalp tenderness fatigue, recent weight loss pain when showing there's a lot of job pain showing this is associated with that inflammatory condition of the arteries. So whatever we suspect that we do take some test a blood test will tell us if there's some inflammation going on and also to kind of clinch the diagnosis can actually biopsy the temporal artery. Now, take a biopsy. Senator pathologies have them process it to look for these signs of the inflammation. So and this gentleman he didn't have any of those other symptoms. But just to be sure we did check his his blood to truck for the reason. Farm attorney markers. What she didn't have. Thank goodness. So he didn't have the temporal arteritis. But that's one thing we consider an older patient, but sudden vision loss and affects the optic nerve the other conditions where people can have this sudden vision change in one. I we're talking about the retina, there are blood vessels in the retina, you can have sometimes a blood vessel, blockage of either the arteries or the veins and these conditions also. How can cause sudden changes in vision? So anytime, you do have a sudden vision change is you get that checked out..

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