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Hotline were their host, Mike Miller. There's folks phones we go. But if you do have a question concern or comment three one four four three six seven nine hundred or one eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty all the Christmas. Tree lots. Yes. They are getting all ready to go. When you do get a tree if you decide to get a tree when you bring it home. Make sure that you cut a an inch or so off the bottom of the trunk and then put it in to water immediately. Let's say you can't bring it inside. And mealy still go ahead and cut it and just put it in a bucket of water either in your garage or outside or something like that. Because that's going to be to the advantage. It's gonna make the needles hang on let little longer to be honest with you. I've been surprised at how many people when it was still remember now December, of course, that were, you know, had the Christmas trees already purchased they were tied up to the top of their cars and everything else, but got our own schedule. So let's go to Bob now. And he's a no Fallon. Hi, bob. Good morning. I two quick questions on a tree need to cut a tree back. I've done it before. And I know you tell us to trim it back and cut it back. No more than one third maximum. So my question is you normally say to make sure the leaves off the tree, and I've got about ten maybe ten or fifteen. Percents leaves still the tree. Can I cut that thing back yet or not? Oh, yeah. You can do it. I mean, just it's just easier to see the branches and everything else. But if you're only got that small percentage of leaves on it. They're just hanging on because they haven't let go yet based very good. And then fertilizing the tree I've heard your method of drilling holes and using fertilizer compost into holes. Right. How late in the winter or how early in the spring. Can I do that? You can basically do it anytime you want so during the dormant season. So as soon as you want to get out there and with an earth auger in electric Joe bid and just back fill those holes with compost start about halfway out from the trunk induce full circle around then go move out another couple feed than another circle around. And you do it all the way to just beyond the extension of the branches. Wow. All right. Thank you very much. Yeah. So it's going to be a lot of you know, let's say auguring, but it's not problematic and the say the dirt that comes up out of the hole, you want the whole to be about six inches deep, and the reason for that is because all the feeder routes up near the surface. So that's why you don't need to go any deeper than that. So it's it's really kind of wild and crazy. Thanks, bob. Is there another question? I could've no, sir. I could've asked the grass that questions about where they are. Let's go now to oh, I can't hear you know. That's all. Thank you very much. Well, thank you. Yeah. Let's go now to Mary Ann or you want to go to Mark Mark and Highland. Hi. Mark. Hello. Hi, go ahead..

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