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Of the debt ceiling through early September and it's our hope that we can get this done today Early what did I say Oh Jesus September's past already Let me revise my statement Well I kicked the can down the road A couple of more weeks Why create an additional layer of uncertainty We have reached agreement on we have reached agreement to extend the debt ceiling through early December And it's our hope that we can get this done as soon as today I yield the floor The pathway our democratic colleagues have accepted will spare the American people any near term crisis We don't need to kick the can We don't need to go through a cumbersome process The speaker And the democratic leader had three months notice to do their jobs But for two and a half months Democrat leaders did nothing And then complain That they were actually short on time He's bought us perhaps two months To work on the bipartisan infrastructure Bill and the reconciliation bill We don't need to kick the can I think he finally realized the gravity of the strategy And so we kicked the can with the panel on the fastest hour in politics Welcome to sound on the Thursday edition Welcome to little Friday Let's assemble the panel with Bloomberg politics contributor Republican strategist Rick Davis and democratic strategist Kristen Hahn is with us communications director at rock solutions former comms director for the blue.

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