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Shots and johnson johnson specifically since you brought up the idea of boosters is that something that's like being considered Not just for boosting the efficacy of j. J. in this situation. But like more broadly for vaccines including pfizer and madonna. Do you think we could see boosters. Needed down the line. One hundred percent. I think that that is imminent. I've talked to health officials who've said that that is imminent Privately but once again. It's this question of confidence in Anthony out she actually alluded to this in a senate hearing last month where he said that he didn't want talk of boosters to make people who haven't gotten the vaccine yet feel as though it's not effective and while you understand that argument the clock is also taking on making decisions about boosters because it is in some way inevitable. I don't think that anybody really thought that we would be one and done forever. We just didn't think it would come so soon The problem is that there's already going to be sort of this politically thorny issue about administering extra doses to americans when there are millions of people abroad. Who haven't even gotten a first dose. The world health organization on wednesday actually said that it wanted everyone to stop administering booster shots until more doses were given to other countries that are waiting for their first wave All of the shots pfizer. Madonna johnson johnson. All of these vaccines that are approved right now in the us authorized. Yeah emergency reminding you. Yeah yeah i mean. That's actually what i was gonna ask about. The vaccines are currently being used under emergency use authorization not full approval which has been a source of hesitancy for some people but you have new reporting looking at when we might see actual full approval for at least one of those shots pfizer. When could that be. What would that mean and also with the difference between full authorization and emergency use totally. I'll say wouldn't have to stop saying authorizing authorizing because there is a difference so that full approval for pfizer at least which filed just a few weeks ahead of moderna in may That could come in a matter of weeks. We could see that by early. September and so the difference between approval and authorisation Emergency use authorization can only happen in the context of a public health emergency. And so if this emergency ends and that's you know government. Call that to say that is ended then that authorization ends and fda also is making that decision on a lower bar than full approval. So they're basically making the decision on. Does this have promise for being beneficial and does that promise outweigh the risks. Whereas full approval is the fda putting it stamp on and saying this is safe and effective They've been tracking all this data about how long immunity lasts if there are side effects. That didn't pop up i You know different populations that might have different responses. Anything like that. Those questions are going to be answered in that paperwork. They filed with the fda so to your question about whether this could help with confidence according to kaiser family foundation. Poll it might. They said that Thirty percent of unvaccinated people say that full approval would help them Be encouraged to get the vaccine but that was also couched in Comments from the pollsters saying that two thirds of those same respondents didn't totally understand the difference between authorization and approval so this very well could join the global company So so you know. We have to take that with grain. It could just be people in the pollsters where it's looking for a proxy for safety looking for some assurance so i don't know that we'll actually see sort of tidal wave after approval but that will help with certain logistical issues. So for instance. President joe biden said that all federal workers are required to get the vaccine or be subject to testing The department of defense doesn't fall under that. They would have to do this themselves. And what they have said is. They are not inclined to require active military to get this vaccine. When it's not yet approved they do require other vaccines active military have to get an amtrak shot which is not available to you and us. But they can't they don't want to require them to get something that isn't approved so that's one way that this could actually help out a lot. Sarah over mall is a health reporter for politico. Who co authors. Politico pull's newsletter. Which you can find at politico dot com slash newsletters. Also today. new polling shows that approval of president biden's handling of the pandemic has slipped to fifty three percent well as overall job approval fell more slightly. The new survey from quinnipiac university found the share of americans who approve of biden's handling of cove. It is down twelve points from may and his job approval is down three points to forty six percent. The numbers come just over six months into biden's term as his administration faces a surge in the delta variant but also as the president has been touting his ability to get a bipartisan infrastructure. Bill passed in congress. A fetus predecessor was unable to accomplish and one that if successful could back up the white house's messaging that biden can get things done and press secretary. Jen psaki is accusing senate. Republicans of quote moving in lockstep to block the biden administrations pick to lead the bureau of alcohol. Tobacco and firearms asked that. Wednesday's press briefing about the delay in david shipments. Confirmation sake noted that the atf has not had a confirmed director in six years. Republicans have publicly expressed opposition to chipman leading the atf. Arguing that he favors too many gun restrictions and claiming to anti-gun to lead the agency but chipman has yet to secure the support of all fifty members of the senate democratic caucus which would allow them to be confirmed without any republican support. Today's episode included music composed by brake master cylinder. Be sure to subscribe to politico dispatch. Wherever you get your podcasts. And tell a friend to check out. The show. Jeremy siegel thanks for listening..

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