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Egger in studio talking all things bengals and general. Nfl topics on espn fifteen thirty. Cincinnati sports station. We got a couple of minutes away from eight o'clock on. Espn fifteen thirty amid the win yesterday. The afterglow of yesterday's win we had jesse bates talking with you guys for the first time in weeks. You know he he did the thing with horton lapham in mid august on the bengals official channel. But but there hadn't been a press availability in a in a very long time. And what did you make of what he had to say. He's not super thrilled. I mean he wanted to get it done the he expected to be able to get it done and it seems that he should be the obvious next in line after sam hubbard got done and it didn't and you said he's gonna go play pissed off you know quote and quote unquote this year. And you know it's just. I hate this. I hate it. I hate this. It's just it's just not. It shouldn't be like this. Oh it shouldn't be like this with with something that's this easy and should be this easy and over whatever and you know i feel like i've talked to death so i'll go down the road again but it's like the adjust. You can't claim you had to pay top of the market value for free agents like trey hendrickson and trae wayne. Dj reader and hilton ogundare. That you had to do it right and people say. Oh you overpaid okay. I'm okay fine. It had to do it right. Yes and then low ball and haggle with this guy it those two can't coexist if your draft develop pertain and this is who you are this you to be organizationally and you want to be about culture inside and showing everybody you do the right thing. This is how you do everything right and nobody can deny jesse betas on everything right including not pulling jamal adams to sit out during training camp. it while this is all going on. You treat them like this. Everyone sees that there are real life locker room. Reverberations of that Same same way. There are real lifelock reverberations of rewarding. The right guys. And so they've gotta live with that in having to play pissed off and feeling insulted by your own team from one of your stars and your captain's It's it's it's fine..

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