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September twelfth. what fight will we. Will we be talking about being the more competitive fight. This fight between anderson silva and tito ortiz or jake paul versus tyron woodley wish for which is more competitive which fight will be the more competitive fight man. That's you're really. Put me on the hot seat without one man. You know i'm pro. I'll probably lean towards jake. Paul entire woodley being the more competitive fight. I mean at the end of the day. And i think anyone. That's picking anyone that's thinks jake. Paul is just gonna get dominator decimated by tire. Woodley's either i mean i i really think i. I'm not saying jake's ever going to be a world champion but jake's taken seriously but tyrant is a fricken former four-time champion. He's legit legit power. He's not been asking So i think this'll be a lot better fight than that. But yeah like. I don't know the anderson will knock out tito. I don't know if that will happen. Maybe but i think it could be a pretty lopsided you know couple of ten rounds in their kind of performance and at the end of the day that could be even more lopsided. And here's here's one positive way to look at this fight. Ladies and gentlemen if you enjoyed the smile on anderson silva's face when he took on julio cesar chavez junior imagine how big the smile is going to be come september eleventh when he is in there just marching around and dancing in there with tito ortiz. So get excited. I mean it is what it is. Make some money go ahead. And let's not forget. Like i said they're on this car together. I mean the potential here. Let's say because right now the delahoya belford odds are pretty close. Belfer open is a favorite over de la. Hoya you know what i mean. Let's say bell for goes out there and knocks out oscar de la hoya and anderson styles on tito ortiz. Those are two of the biggest stars ever in brazil to the biggest stars in you have see history easily. Put those two in a boxing match. Tell me that's not a massive massive card. Let's say de la hoya beats bell for but it's close or either. It's a competitive fight for several rounds. They get the better. And then anderson goes out there and styles on tito. Are you telling me they wouldn't potentially book anderson against de la hoya and you're telling me that wouldn't be a massive fight especially with anderson now to know you know in recent boxing matches so in a way. This is a plan for the future as well. And as i said. I've pretty much given up on the whole sanctity. This thing i was like they're healthy and they're not going to get hurt doing it. You know go for you know. I mean you know. I don't know if i'm ready to sign up to us. Chuck ladele do bare knuckle boxing. But if we're gonna see tito. Box anderson sure why not and then the other options we could see tito ortiz. Fight oscar de la. Hoya i mean who if what what a world we. The options are endless damon options. This would be the ultimate payback for golden boy. Mma only going one card alternate promoters revenge when he goes after he goes after it forever. Promoting golden boy. Emma may to so many storylines to get excited about but they haven't staples center in los angeles september eleventh oscar de la hoya versus vitor belfort anderson silva vs tito ortiz trailer. Fight club event. It's happening and honestly. I hope i get the hot tag to go. Cover that event damon. It should be a fun week. In la. La land but damon. Thank you very much for damon. Martin mike cac. Thank you for listening. Who knows what kind of news will be reacting to next. You're listening to the vox media podcast network..

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