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Players Jack Harris Jacobs it can be blue gene and Natalie are quickly you're listening to AM Tampa Bay and a couple of those make this the prettiest morning show around in a couple of us bring it down in a bad way as far as looks sorry and that would be that if you go to our website and you want to take a look at it Katie and Natalie you can do so at WFLA news dot com slash a M. T. B. that would be a good idea and it's ten minutes after eight on A. M. Tampa Bay on a Thursday morning we got a lot of things to talk about real quickly here because we got a guest coming up but want to congratulate tarpon springs high school among the nation's top big bands to compete in the twenty fifth annual essentially Ellington high school jazz band competition and festival their twenty fifth anniversary and it's happening at the Lincoln center in New York this is a big deal for the tarpon springs high school band which I've seen perform their incredible by an it's eleven after eight and we wanna check in now with K. long and see how things are rolling out here well we're looking a little bit better out there Jack we still have one big fat problem though from the mosque Nissan traffic center an accident causing big delays on I. seventy five south bound it's blocking the left lane approaching fluttering you're backed up here before Bruce B. downs so do you expect a big delays for this stretch of ordered if you can also watch out for crash on the sky way this to be north bound before the hobbits off to the right side hi for slows down to from the summer connected on I two seventy five in the westbound direction and two seventy five northbound slow coming off our Franklin bridge into the Kennedy Boulevard split there's a response by Sims granted equipment Sims grain Florida's premier crane safety and rigging experts offering cutting edge technology primetime grain operation small and large always available there's a sense grain dot com extravagant dated eight twenty K. long as radio W. FLAC traffic problems call the injury firm of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five tonight at seven on news radio WFLA lightning we got a couple of years joining us now to talk about the bank would of heroes fund raiser.

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