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He's instant offense. Like you said. I mean, he shoots it from anywhere this. He could have a pretty good future because he's got. He's just got shiftiness and quickness. And, yeah, you see, it doesn't seem to have much of a conference out there. We used to have just like one guy or two guys used to have the weird shot. There's a number of guys that come in low, mellow balls watching Charlotte last night, had a little something on Charlotte last night and watching Charlotte, Houston, and they're just going Back and forth Exchange in threes. Low mellow ball really solid. Really Sorry. He's better than his brother. Yeah, he'll be better. I think you're right, Cap. He'll be better. Definitely better Shooter. Yeah. Give me your keys committed 14 a game six rebounds, seven assists. He's It's weird. Looks like an international kind of game because he's cherry picking, throwing the ball down the floor, you know, doing touchdown passes to Ah, To his teammates for easy lay ins. It's It's interesting what Jordan's got there with Charlotte. I watched that game is well, hoody. And if you remember he was on the right wing deep and he's going to shoot a three and I locked in and went OK. I wanna watch this because Lonzo it's like from his hip. Lots of offensively out. Lonzo is if he's not just running the break and facilitating as a passer. I mean, pretty good defender, too. He's a very good defender. I'm talking about offense. I mean Alonso with the ball if He's just not a threat to score. He just isn't Now he's coming here tomorrow night and you want to talk about Ah, lot of smoke around. Ah, player in the team, you know, Forget about the Bears and Carson Wentz. I mean, this bulls Lonzo ball stuff sounds like Oh, you think that it's I mean, there's a lot of it out there, guys, and I mean a lot of it. That's not what you want. What do you getting up to get? I don't know if it's what you want. I'm just saying. I think it's gonna happen by the deadline I do for a late what we give him back way laid out to trade. What are you hearing? I'm not here. No, no, I'm just saying that everywhere you look, there's rumors connecting the bulls the Lonzo ball that they badly want him that they've talked to in New Orleans. Zach Levine, though They want a pair of with Levina back with me. No, I'm not suggesting that, Yeah. That they want to pay. They think Lonzo and Levin will be a good combo. Apparently, they checked in with numerous times during the off season with New Orleans and his numbers are not good right now. I don't know that he's a great fit for stands offense. He's there's a lot of there's a lot of smoke out there right now that the Bulls going on his third team and four years well as stance that a good eyes not good fit for his own offense, That's true. Oh, God, It's not a good friend he's got. He's got three centers in the middle. He's got He's got Steven Adams Get Zion Zion is he just wants to have some rules designs of five in this in today's MBA. He just these room to operate. You got Steven Adams in there and No on the block. He's pulling like he's trying to pull like like an old Grizzlies thing like Zach Randolph and Marcus. All I will say, though they could be if they if they do it right, like good luck defending Steven Adams and Zion Williamson in the paint. Ain't nobody doing that. No. What? What about what about the four that they have there? What about the other guy? He's also also in the paint, too. Many guys can you put in the pain it once they're going eighties ball and you over there. They're going old School E mean Zion's awesome man. Yeah, he is something all right, one last thing before we get out of your way. So who do you know what we're talking about People that made preseason bets in the NFL manhood. He had a bunch of props, I, but we all had props going. A guy named Mark Derosa, Not the ex cub. That cub, not the ex Cub MLB network. So this guy, and they have two tickets here. He had an $8000 bet at 35 to 1 that the Buccaneers would win the NFC title. He had a $2000 bet at 65 to 1 before Brady signed. That they would win the Super Bowl. He then bet $10,000 at 8 to 1 of them to win the NFC South and then made another play on the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl. He netted 550 Grand's pretty good. He bet Two teams before Brady signed, he said. I also put a bunch of money on the Chargers. He thought the charges for the box made the most sense for Tom Brady because he already wanted warm weather. So he bet those two and he got Lucky on the bottom art. About that. Congrats and see him. Please put the bed the streaker story. I'm not buying it for a second. There's no way that a bookmaker would take that kind of exposure. No $100 maximum. Yeah, There's just that that bets. That story's hogwash. Don't believe right. So how'd he said this to us? There's a picture of a guy who claims that he had paid $1000 bail to get out of jail. He was the streaker. In the Super Bowl, and that the reason he did it is because he had $50,000 on the prop Bet seven. Plus 7 50. So 7.5 the one that there would be a streaker. And so he went. Okay, I'll pay my $1000 in fine and met out over half of. There's no way it's completely. Of course it is. There's no bookmaker would risk that kind of exposure on a wager like that. Correct none. Corrupt that That's a nonsensical story. I've had buddies tweeting at me, Dude, you put up the money. I will go streak. I'm like, Yeah, it's all both all baloney. The last thing Hoody and I talked about the Dakota standings, did you? Oh, well, we'll talk about it. Talk about it, and I think we're gonna get in its national pizza day. So I'm gonna go get a slice in a little bit. Then maybe I will not ease for dinner, but we're going to send J. R. You're gonna go? You're on runner, Jr. I'm buying. Don't worry. You fly I buy. Don't Rose opens at 11. You fuck! What is it called? Rose? Don't rose. Don't brothers, right up the street. Robby. Yeah, It's good. It's right. It's on Kinzie and state They got like New York slices. You said don't grow. Oh, I love that book brothers, right? There is exactly okay. Yeah TV and a VCR and a slice. That's why I got New York slices. They got a window right on State Street. That's the second time you and I have had poked brothers mentioned in the last 30 days like they've been in business and 30 years. Well, we skew older here. I love it. I take care of your back tomorrow, guys. All right, take care. All right. I'll talk to you later. All right? That is the great Jonathan Hood. We're back at 78 A m..

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