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Earlier this evening. Since then, we've cooled down pretty rapidly beautiful view of the Christmas tree atop the needle. On this evening. We're talking about starry skies above downtown Seattle, where it's 45 degrees, but elsewhere. It's a little bit different than that. Go back to where we were earlier this afternoon because it was kind of remarkable 60 degrees. Did you feel that warm kind of felt like spring in the sunshine today, especially around parts of King County? That's 60. Its attack airport tied the record for this day, and it was all because of those very gusty winds that were just howling and funneling through the gaps in the Cascades spilling into the foothill communities below. Places like North Bend and is to quote clocking winds between 30 and 40, MPH and all of that descending air through Seattle, warm things up quite a bit. And so that's what we had that record high. Now the winds were dying down, and in fact you can see they're all dead Common Bremerton, Olympian Centralia. At the same time when you're calm like that the temperatures can really start to plunge. Case in point where in the twenties around Olympia, Tom Water into coma, and then you start losing your visibility. We've got the fog already down to a half mile visibility right now in Centralia. I'm expecting that to bloom and grow all the way off the I five corridor into at least two coma tomorrow morning. So that's where we're going to see some problems out of the gate with some freezing fog and some black guys so You see the low visibility just count on the fact that it could also be icy out there. Secondly, after that, after the morning fog, all of a sudden we start to wipe that out because we start clouding up. So our next weather maker tomorrow will be this weak disturbance that actually brings a couple of Sprinkles to the Strait of Juan de Fuca and maybe the North Coast line as well. He can see as we head into Friday. It clears right back out. So just one day at the clouds, and then we're back to the sunshine again by Friday. In the meantime, our big problem overnight is going to be that fog, low visibility and the potential for the black guys from the freezing fog highs tomorrow. Back in the forties to about 50. So look at Seattle 48 degrees or so, Ah, far cry from the 60 we had is that record earlier today and again, the clouds spilling in just about everywhere so no longer quite as bright blue is it was for earlier this afternoon, upper forties aware and forward and we'll be back into the forties to about 50 at the beaches. Unlikely a few Sprinkles. They're around forks in Ocean shores as well. Eastern Washington. Your big problem has not only been the fog, the low visibility and the black eyes but also the air quality issues that continues to be a problem simply because we have very little wind there. We have very little in the way of any steering mechanism. And so the pollutants are starting to build up to Up over the Cascades. Well, gosh, that would be a perfect place to be. It'll be partly sunny above the clouds that are coming in and you're the ocean beaches as we head into Friday. We'll have fog again in the morning. So that will be another issue Friday morning, but a gorgeous wrap up to the work in school week. We can no longer looks quite is Dr We do have one little disturbance to in Saturday night to Sunday. So if you're running out to get the Christmas tree or you want to string the holiday lights probably want to do so either early on Saturday or throughout the day on Sunday. Next week. It definitely looks like the real December shows up. So enjoy the rest of the sunshine while the getting is still good..

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