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But you're saying i really like it messes with us. It messes with our expectations. It messes with the kind of these trips of the good old american missouri. Boy and i really think like it's is a performance. I couldn't see anyone else doing i call. I find it very hard to imagine anyone else in this role in bet office. I think he was so brilliantly cast and it really is. I imagined a sign of kind of good directing and kind of good casting director if he was always liked the first choice for this role. I should probably read up on that. Because he you know he'd never worked with venture before and fincher does kind of like to Like to his favorites. And i can like i could see someone like brad pitt in this but i think if it was someone that we liked to bit more within hollywood. Then you know the the. The kind of the character dynamics wouldn't work. I think it kind of had to be someone that people will already like a little bit ready to hate to in order to balance how amy done. Who is the ultimate kind of like horrible female character. You do what. Ben affleck also rosamund. Pike gives this like outstanding performance into have gone from my i before this. She was any kind of known she'd been in a bond film but it was radio. Uk audiences knew who she was and this was like her baked kind of hollywood merriman and she got paid absolutely nothing for it. By by the academy. I i really think she was robbed of oscar. No the economy was mean anything. But yeah i think he is like i wish ben affleck morals like this. I think it was an incredible active self-deprecation on his part to take his role is not firing. Well i think he comes off particularly well. I remember tweet going around at the time or like just after saying like. Oh ben affleck doesn't understand ganga. He doesn't know like why he was casting goal and go. He just kind of turned up on. And i'm like no no. No i think that's why he was costing long. I think i think this was him kind of again. Like messing with mexico houses. An audience is a kind of a bit of a knowing wink on his paws. All his finishes this warm quotes in the in the director's commentary relief. Or maybe it's in another profile. I reg with fincher where he says that because they put into the scripts. The ben affleck's character has a villainous chin or an interest where chin he then went straight to his agents and said police casserole with a heroic chin causes causes zach night batman universe which really sells it for me solve speaks to what hundred you're just saying is the say no by where he gets the first press conference and he has to give this convincing kind of sympathetic smile to the to the television cameras and he gives. This is just amazing. Perfect like she teaching grid after someone. Who's like so media trained and is to having his picture taken. I just think it's astonishing that he manages to give that that that grin so convincingly because it's not it's obviously not his like natural. Smile is so beautiful. This character but it is is just like perfect. I think you're you're you're dead right hander. In terms of being someone. who's you know. He's likeable charming in his way. But he's he is inherently like untrustworthy worse. It might brad pitt. You'll always the on his side. And i think fincher affleck is well. Must've known the baggage he carries and that people have this preconception of him and he works perfectly and it feeds into that final at quite well whether he would actually be aboard by the ab don's baked plan or whether he would also be a little bit respect for love it and tempted and you need the embassy in this role if he had somebody and i wonder if ben affleck would i wonder if brought would have done this as good a job unwanted.

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