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Ready to take on the Green Bay Packers tomorrow night at Levi Stadium, 40. Niners announced today that the wide receiver Kendrick born has had a positive covert tests, though that revealed that was revealed earlier today, their facility has been closed immediately. Game remains on schedule The Packers are going to enter tomorrow night. Without running backstage. Dylan Jamal Williams. Maybe even without Aaron Jones has got a calf injury. So maybe Dexter Williams and Tiger Urban in the backfield for Green Bay. Niners Injury wise tart Richie James took part in limited practice on Tuesday. Uh, tart's got a groin strain. James got an ankle injury cow. Shanahan said that Tevin Coleman Debo Samuel Dimitrius Flanigan, Poles are not going to be available on Thursday night. By the way, Jimmy Garoppolo is gathering multiple opinions from medical professionals before he decides on whether or not Undergo ankle surgery. That surgery, of course, would end his season. Couple of football notes Bears released Ted in the ex Niners Now free Tom Pelasara reporting here Gilbert Cooper Rush are going to start for the Cowboys against the Steelers this weekend. Detroit announces that Matthew Stafford has been placed on the Copa 19 list. Section sign Josh McCown, the quarterback off the Eagles practice squad. New York Giants claimed Dante Pettis off waivers. John Hammond believes that the San Francisco Giants have their eyes on Trevor Bauer. He said on the big time baseball podcast, they're gonna give him a five year $150 million deal this offseason. Those your half past headlines now backto Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks Baby on KNBR, 1045 and 68 sports leader. Our friend and quite frankly yours. The guru Mr Phillip Steele joins us in the next hour filled joining us a day early to talk college football to give you insight to Inform you when you make your Hopefully, legal wages. We don't care if you do it legally or illegally. We're not your parents. We just want you to be informed. However, you get down when it comes to your college football waiting, But we're talking to Phil Steele earlier. Wednesday instead of Thursday, because there's a football Niners packers still on, but I was perusing fellows, the college football landscape. For this upcoming weekend. So you got the world's largest cocktail party were old school like that. Georgia, Florida. Clemson, Notre Dame Without travel, Lawrence, He'll be there on the sidelines. Even though we had like Now, That's a story like the Corona virus College. Katie's on the sidelines, you know, maybe get to get quote of us big store, but I mean, I'm just saying that that's not the way it was covered, like always going to be on the sidelines and oh my God, what will happen to the rest of the players? It's like he's gonna be on the sidelines, inspiring his team. It's like why is he going to the sidelines? Wife. I didn't know what friend of ours. He is no longer contagious. They say he's passed. OK, alright anyway. Trouble are insane Plan, but Michigan, Michigan, Notre Dame and Clemson are getting down in South Bend. And Thinking about Michigan. Because Michigan could lose to Indiana, which, of course she wouldn't make Chad Millman happy, and I think people who look at Michigan as a source of Was the best way to put it a source of entertainment. And not because I like Michigan would enjoy watching Jim Harbaugh's seat did hotter and hotter and hotter, But even without travel, large Clemson Notre Dame definitely down with that. Georgia, Florida Definitely. Down with that. The absolute tonight. Maybe I'm thinking maybe can't state tonight against Eastern Michigan. I'm gonna get the bug. I'm going. There's there's a bunch of games tonight. By the way, there's like 70 games tonight. The whole Mac's plane tonight. The exactly so really, I think Wednesday is Mac Shin can't is not great, but they're better than eastern Michigan, and it's only 4.5 and they're at home. Maybe do it. Phil thinks about that. Yeah, I don't know. Phil can help you and I'll be able to help you. 3 30. They get on behalf in our old so I could help you fill just asked me. What do you think? Bill? Live male. No love no clue about that game back this year. I can't help you at all at 3 30. I can help you. Before. I can't help it like the like The trends Kent State's five no against the number You got a minute? I have to Makoto at 15 minutes. Before. Ah can't state golden flashes? Get after it. Yeah, I'm looking forward to BYU Boise on Friday. Yeah, that's a good one of the on the Smurf turf. We will use really good this year. And Boise's good, Always good football team. So that'll be a fun one. The Niners and a rod You can scout that Zach will rattle. Enjoy air Force and army. Double up your pleasure. You know how I love the service academies playing football. When they lay together out of dust. Bang it. Just it. It brings me pure joy. Almost ecstasy. Better be able to stop the run. Airforce. Don't forget you could wake up. Saturday morning. Get lacked in action Packed 12 action? Yeah. Arizona State. I'm down with that. There is a good games in the pack this week. You got nine o'clock. Errors on a state USC. Then you get the prime time special. At 4 30, Stanford, Oregon that when I might have to push back a little bit, because I may have already 30 claims another day, and then we'll we'll get to Stanford. Organise some point. And then Cal Washington Is ESPN at 7 30. So, yeah, for May. I'm looking right now. There's about five games and I definitely wanted I'm Mmm Cheryl bounce back and forth. Ah, couple other games with you. I want to watch the Michigan game. The USC game. In the world's largest outdoor cocktail party. Yes. And I still call it Red River Shootout. To hell with you. That's what it was, but still it about five games, 56 games, and I'm like, OK, Yeah, That'd be good. Yeah. Good good viewing on Saturday and then on commercials. Flip over and sees one of a breed of cup race. I have to try it that I have. Ah, I have missed in my college football viewing. It is definitely You know, there's kind of Ah rhythm and order to it. I've missed that 77 30 PAC 12 game to close out the night. His mom. Always good to just, you know, is you today's wanted down like what sort of craziness is about to jump off in this pack 12 game and you'll get it. You know every every once in a while, if you get the game last year, But that was that was bonkers. But I missed having had late night Pac 12 game released. They went for the East Coast. But I think this nine o'clock start out here. West 12 East. For the Pac 12 1st year they're doing it talked about it. Now, with the pandemic, they've decided to do it. And as you mentioned Tom s E at Arizona State. I think that's gonna work for the Pac 12, and I think it's going to become something that will be you know the Pac twelve's calling card. It's It's crazy. It might seem a little unfair to the players. But I think once people not just fans and observers, but I think the players the school's alumni, when we can actually start to go to games again. I think people are really going to get into it when they get used to it, and it's going to be something that serves the Pac 12. Well, in my opinion. Absolutely looking. We running highlights all David. It's the for a noon Eastern reason. Build a watch the Pac 12 and look from a player's standpoint. It stinks having to get up that early. It does. But I tell you what they're gonna be happy. Very pretty hell with the fans. Ah, it's going to be pretty happy, Not I would mind getting up and getting a just thinking back home by one man. Very pretty cool is uploading ball. It's like a little onion you done One o'clock. It's like, Oh, jumping the size tub and go get my party on. It's one o'clock. Here we go, and it's a family. If you do it right. You could have two different sessions of day drinking. Like frost. Football? Yeah. Drink in the morning. Yeah. Little nap. Wake up three o'clock it and started back up again. Dangerous concessions. Come on, baby. You can't go. Moses blood even in the night before get some beers became. You're good to go. He'll be falling down drunk by four. You want to see Sunday? Get behind our morning game would just drink all night Drink all night will stumble into that bad boy..

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