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He did it to dominate Brazil? It was just two minutes and seventeen seconds into the fight win. He landed this punch. That ended the fight. This is the first round now naturally. We will look forward to his next fight that could be between Tyson fury or Anthony Joshua both who have upcoming fights next few weeks do Joshua, or fury really want it with the auntie welder. I remember seeing an Assan when I was little number where it came from Joshua fought the battle of Gerry Cole and the walls came tumbling down. I don't remember what that came from watch. A lot of cartoons growing up. I would love to see Deontay wilder fight Anthony, Joshua. I don't wanna see him fight Tyson fury again. I know a lot of people are really clamoring for that fight, but I feel like it's on to the next and he Anthony Joshua stepping into the ring will be. Oh so mega for the heavyweight division wilder, the first American born champion since what Shannon Briggs. I think you're like two thousand six two thousand and seven I remember the sweet science in a day where the heavyweight champion of the world also equals the baddest man on the planet, and he continues to embody that not only with his performance in the ring, but he's really charismatic outside of the ring he continues to be successful on his own. I just saw him win a couple of sports Emmys with Showtime. So he's winning right now. So the next step would be to fight Anthony Joshua who he continues to ask for. He did it on our show. He did it in the ring. He did it anytime. Somebody would look and I got one month. Eight for dominate. Brazil was a one of my favorite movies rest in peace. John singleton. His boys in the hood, and you're a member when the kids were just milling around, and they were bought a train tracks and all of a sudden, one of them just hop up. And it was a young ice cube. Doboy. You wanna see a day of body? You wanna see a day of body? And usually will you from the hood. You like sure you know what I mean? 'cause you hear about that kind of activity, all of the time, you, let me see what is about? I actually almost saw that in a ring with Dominique Brazil the way he got punched by Dante wilder a man. What a way to make a living. I admire I admire price fighters. No question about it. Jalen, I also wanna see wilder fight Josh with next. That would be the biggest fight. They can think of in years, made probably since the first triple g Cannella, but Jalen rose, we will have Anthony Joshua in this studio soon. Ever lane has a mission make the world's most to stain -able sneakers make them to last make them completely carbon neutral and never stopped pushing to make them better tread by ever lane is a leather trainer. That's the lowest impact of its kind made with less waist, and almost no virgin plastic. It's also completely carbon offset the treads use recycled, plastic wherever possible. Like for the laces lining, Strobl board and more nine and a half discarded bottles, or a nude to make every pair and eighteen percent less carbon is omitted to make those components. So.

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