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Are are really really haven't been done before so when fresh off the boat was renewed your co star constance wu you're going there. I have to add to ask. Were you surprised by her her reaction when she took to twitter. We all know what happened. We all saw everything unfold. Were you surprised by her reaction. If someone who works firsthand with her <hes> <hes> yes and no you know. I was surprised that <hes> she took to twitter to express that but i i wasn't surprised i i get it. I get <hes> those feelings. I get like <hes> <hes> conan's shows for six seasons seasons it. Just you know it when new opportunities arise arise and you can't i like i totally understood where she was coming from and i just think it was just just a big misstep in terms of of <hes>. I'm an inclusion. The execution apology miss some missteps you uh-huh but <hes> but you know she's human you know and <hes> i think she she definitely feels bad about at all yeah. Are you at the point. We can joke about it with our onset yet. I don't really bring. I pretend like everyone worked doesn't just talk about it all the time on fresh off the boat you now what's going on now. Seven six okay six yeah yeah we we started our six talk about a a role that at this point you know like the back of your hand yet. What is it like keeping that role. I like spicy for you like how do you how do you keep it spontaneous or does it. Does it have to be spontaneous for you. It's it's such a is it an easy job etc <hes> it's it's. It's a real real easy job now. It's real easy. It's really fun. I mean it feels like you know link like family at this point. You know <hes> we we. It's <hes> i wouldn't say it's it's super challenging and it it <hes> i wouldn't say it's like like creatively like <hes> you know fulfilling in in in the sense that like always you. I may be was completely like this new thing for me. You know but <hes> but i think it's just kind of come for me. Just counting my blessings and remembering time him win like my dream was just to have a job you know and to have a regular job and and and and just being able to be a part of a show like fresh off the boat it just kind of just reminding myself. This is what i always wanted you know and but yeah at times it's kind of like oh my god. We've we've been doing this for a long time to interview. Recently you know to where you were asked about. A constant is reaction to the show getting renewed renewed and you were in an era where we don't expect most shows to go on for three years. Yeah <hes> and i know you had said that. You thought the show was ending after five and it's just weird to an era where it's like oh this show is going into sixty. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. The last the episode of the fifth season pretty much book ended the series. You know so so we felt like oh..

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