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Welcome to kiss miss and mystery. Signed your host Kit Crumbs. I WanNa talk about research for a moment of the of the hundreds of novels and novellas hybrid nor the past twenty years of the three hundred plus stories. I've written for this podcast research was a backbone and one story in particular stance out and I've received hundreds of emails asking me to repeat this. I've got the script in front of me. For this. That evolves the research. It came out in two stories one was called. Where DID BILLY GO? The other one was a strange case of Billy falstaff referring to the same individual so I will read these as clearly as possible. Today's podcast where to billy go is by far the most bizarre story. I've ever run across because it is so unbelievable. I've decided to relate the steps taken in an effort to make sensible this remember. Those words were part of the podcast almost a year ago. This is a story of an eleven year. Old Boy who vanished from just outside Tucson Arizona. While performing in front of twenty two adult witnesses he was discovered seventy two hours later wandering across a civil war battlefield fifteen hundred miles distance in the southwestern area of Tennessee. The site was Shiloh national military park. He was discovered by tourists taking a tour who identified a distant figures looking like a child. And I'll speak more on this in a minute. I want to go over some of the things I did. It all started when I was scouring some thirty seven year old. Fbi files so. This was a cold case. I hadn't looked at it in a long time the FBI files. But I hope to find something intriguing when I noticed under the child. Abduction section the case involving a young boy he'd been abducted in nineteen eighty to remember that date from his Arizona. Residence was located in south western Tennessee wandering as a state park three days later. What caught my eye is that this was marked s kidnapping and there is no. Rassam call the FBI were brought in was discovered in another state. I managed to get my hands on a heavily redacted. Police report anything. This old has been archived and is available on special website that investigators and people like myself have access to anyway. The report related how the victim and three other children were in a field performing jumps and bike tricks on their stingray bicycle. So this was in the tunnel oatman Arizona. The report described that the children had built a ramp and Eastwood. Perform a jump. Overstock tires twelve tourists. Visiting the nearby town of Open Arizona. Twenty two residents including the children's parents were attended seated on the homemade set of bleachers. The victim was a last minute. Jump is by crash on the other side of the tires but he had vanished before I go any further. You need to know that police. Fbi reports made available to the public. Investigators like myself are cryptic to say the least heavily abbreviated redacted especially when a child is involved often. There are more black lines. And they're complete sentences. I contacted as many residents of what is virtually the ghost town of oatman Arizona as I could. And as of this podcast talking to you now open is pretty much a tourist trap or tourist attraction of the twelve phone calls and several emails. I had one hit after fifteen minutes. A small top. Mrs Jones said she remembered the incident written up and said the boy's name was billy something she didn't remember the last name. I promise not to use her name. That's why it's Mrs Jones. She also confided that I should talk to William Howard who she thought saw. The boy vanished was one of the witnesses another couple of phone calls. I located Mr Howard in an assisted living Sattar outside Apache junction. Arizona was ninety four years old but very alert and after much pro. Bain was able to remember. Billy's last name falstaff. He said like the beer after contacting the county sheriff's Department and Officer the FBI located in Phoenix and coming up empty. My next move was to contact the folks that oversee the tours of the Shiloh state military park at Tennessee. Where billy was found again? Nothing with no other ideas. I reluctantly decided tobacco the story for days. After making that decision I received an email from Escondido. California wanted to know how investigation into Billy falstaff was GOI. The email came from a woman whose father had passed away recently to events prompted her to contact me. I at the funeral were several reenactor. So the battle of Shiloh. Who were on the tour when billy was spotted and they had heard about my inquiries and related them to her second while going through her father's notes files and journals in the garage. She discovered that he was the doctor. That treated billy. I assume that the boy might have been treated for shock said rather than emailed us much. Her response knocked me out of my chair. Her father had removed a civil war. Era many ball for the boys of Thi- I e mail back asking if she meant bullet corresponds was an emphatic. No it was a mini ball and she had founded wrapped in wax. Paper stapled to the top of journal explaining the injury. I asked her if she could take a picture of the Journal. And the mini ball and send it to me as an attachment and she did. This was just getting better and better. I punched billy's age in my calculator added the elapsed thirty seven years from nineteen eighty to two thousand nineteen when I originally did this story by the way it was twenty nineteen to come up with his current age of forty eight but stopped short of putting the calculator away. He vanished April six. Eight nineteen eighty two exactly to the day a hundred and twenty years since the battle of Shiloh April. Six eighteen sixty two. I had to find. Billy assuming he'd been taken back. Arizona. I ran a check on the name full staff. I only found one in the region and the individual had no connection with billy falstaff through contact with law enforcement and see icy see is checked. One William falstaff was in Marian penitentiary a medium security federal prison in Illinois. My problem or prisons are notoriously tight lipped. When it comes to giving out information about prisoners I submitted a form requesting physical characteristics scars and received a brief description that could have been anyone but was rewarded when the description included scar on the right upper five fading and thought to have been caused by something when he was quite young. This was my boy but I figured I'd taken the story of force. I could my last effort at communicating with him was a letter addressed to William falstaff of Marianne Federal Prison. Forty five hundred person road. I received a response twelve hours later but not from Roya. A man of few words emailed me asking what my interest in William falstaff was through several emails. I Determined I was communicating with an agent of the FBI. William had escaped just days after my form was received requesting physical description had an interesting story and a series of events linked together giving it credence but nothing really solid dealing with phone calls. Receiving emails does not truly make story. But I just couldn't let it drop. I assume that Billy's parents were deceased or at least out of the picture but someone must have known him between the time he was discovered. Tennessee in his incarceration in federal prison. I started this new search with child protective services. I ONA than in Tennessee. All people that might have been involved were retired and some deceased and all records had been archived and for the most part sealed dead and I reexamined my progress since first scanning the FBI reports realize that. I'd been conducting. What amounted to missing person? Case Surprise I put knowledge that a doctor had removed a civil war era. Many ball for billy side out of my mind. It just seemed to weird. That's all still decided to take a look at children involved in the civil war. It was a simple search to determine that preteens as young as ten were often horse and wagon tenders during the civil war and never really fought in any battles. I contacted the Museum Child Military Park for any information on children involved in the battle next. I placed ads in several newspapers. Symbol Tennessee and Arizona. Asking for information on William or Billy falstaff. I actually received a call. Few days later from Virginia falstaff Smith Billy Sister Jackpot. My first question was the most difficult. Did she know that billy had escaped from prison? She laughed and said he hadn't escaped. They'd lost him that they were transferring him from Marian a medium security prison to a minimum security and when the bus arrived on board after a few awkward moments. I continue by question. This was not a happy person and after a few questions she let me know in no uncertain terms that it was going to cost me to continue. I let her go and thirty seven years. He must have had a girlfriend. I felt I could put together. Billy's character I might be able to track him by employment. The problem was what I didn't Arizona. I had to do in Tennessee. Every knock at my door pulled me away from my computer my chuck the time. It was six o'clock. I opened the door and stood facing a young man of about thirty. That could have been a salesman toy opened his mouth. I talked to Virginia. You said you might be willing to pay for information on her brother. He said I didn't make the connection for a minute. I stood just staring at him. Oh yes I said. Billy yeah what do you want no? I can't pay anything. I told him flat out. He made a face and told me not to worry about it. I asked him how he knew. Billy he said and this is a quote. I knew who he was and he sat on the bus in front of me. You were be transferred to a minimum security prison. I ask that's right. He said he was real easy. Going didn't talk much. I ask if he ever mentioned it. Eventless childhood and the Guy said if you're asking about how he got shot in the leg now okay. That was the story of where to bill ago. And then I continued later with the strange case. Falstaff that's what I'm into right now. I found the story interesting but it was thirty seven year. Old Case of child abduction. At least ask the FBI called it. I let it drop but four days. After making the decision I was contacted by a woman whose father had treated billy and had pulled a civil war era many ball from his upper thigh. Aside from being totally blown away by that fact I jumped back on research. Wack I had to find billy I managed to trace it to a medium Security Prison Illinois shortly after I located as residents. He was in the process of being transported to a minimum security prison loaded on a special transport plus with thirteen other prisoners but when the bus arrived at his destination was not on board. That brings you up to date with this particular story. The strange case billy falstaff. I'd communicated with billy sister who wants to be paid for information on him. She did provide a picture of him just before he was arrested and car serrated once again I hit it get in. That is until I was visited at my office in Ashland Oregon by Tony Gale. He'd Billy soulmate. Y'All have been on the bus with billy. He'd gotten my name from billy sister with whom he had been in touch. The only thing I got out of Mr Gail was that billy always said he was a child of the civil war and that when they were lined up ready to be checked onto the bus. Billy told him that he'd never make it after number phone calls. I determined that. Billy was definitely checked onto the bus at the bus made no stops and was manned by experienced driver and two guards and was followed by an escort vehicle great. I was back to the question. Where Billy go before we let the story go..

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