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By maximus. Moving people and technology forward. It is two 45, got some upsets on the college football front Ben raby. The including the navy midshipman winners on the road over 20th ranked UCF 1714 the final mids improving a four and 7 on the year UCF drops to 8 and three on the season. Meanwhile, four teams entered the weekend still unbeaten in FBS play the usual suspects, Georgia, Ohio State Michigan, and TCU, but a couple of those teams in danger of potentially falling this afternoon. First off, at the big house in Michigan, Illinois now leading the third rank wolverines 1710 fourth quarter just underway, also in the fourth with about 9 minutes remaining Baylor leads number four TCU 28 20 closer to home Maryland taking on number two Ohio State Mike locksley's terrapins looking to snap a two game skin. What a great opportunity to play the top two team. For me, probably the number one team in the country here at home as I told our team is nothing more dangerous than a desperate man that has nothing to lose. And that's kind of where we are. They've got everything to lose. Three 30 kick in college park in the ACC Virginia tech of 25 22 lead at liberty in the fourth quarter. College hoops, Maryland leading big over St. Louis, 85, 58 that is now late in the second half part of the Hall of Fame tip off classic. And in the NFL, the commanders placing running back JD mckissick on IR his season done as he continues to deal with the neck injury. Ben rabi WTO P sports

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