Iran, Iraq, President Trump discussed on BBC Newshour


Now to another group of people who have been fighting for their rights independence and autonomy for many decades the kurdish community numbers around thirteen million spread across four countries iraq syria iran and turkey they've been described as the world's largest ethnic group without a homeland iraqi kurdistan and oilrich and cave in northern iraq could be the best hope yet there is to be a referendum on kurdish independence on september the 25th and that in itself has been controversial the president of iraqi kurdistan message kozani has been speaking to the bbc ahead of the vote present assani said the vote will draw the borders of a future kurdish state even if baghdad does not recognize it more for children lewis hummel eric young and selfdetermination is a wellknown international rights and lure we ask countries saying we should delay they had an alternative for us they haven't suggested anything yet said the lewis said we will go ahead when have we ever had stability and security that we should be concerned about losing it when was iraq say united that we should be wide about breaking its unity they threw a saying this adjusts looking for excuses to stop us the words of the president of iraqi kurdistan message barzani i've been speaking to the former us ambassador peter galbraith who is also next expert on kurdish affairs i began by asking him to assess whether we are at a watershed moment for the kurds of iraq the kurds have dreamed of having their own country for a century they thought they had been promised it at the.

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